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It's Simple! Communicating Lead Quality = Better Lead Quality


In my last blog, I discussed the importance of effectively communicating your unique message to your marketing company so that potential customers are inspired by your experience, expertise, and passion. This is an imperative step in gaining quality exposure and generating business, but it doesn't stop there.

When your website visitors are enthused, they will contact you. That is mostly a good thing, but with high-quality exposure comes some low-quality leads. To take your business to the next level, we must ask ourselves what commonalities we see between quality leads, how we replicate that visitor behavior, what trends we are seeing with the lower-quality leads, and what can we do to cut that out.

We have spent years dissecting and analyzing quality and low-quality leads. We have also spent years finding the most efficient way for clients to communicate that to us. One of the many differences that Scorpion brings to the table is that we don't stop at driving potential customers to our clients—we want more! We want better quality leads for clients, and we want clients spending less time and money dealing with low quality contacts.

Our Technology: Achieving Greatness Together

While many of our competitors make efforts to simply produce volume and wash their hands of the quality, we take things to an entirely new level. We want to know about every single lead, but we understand how time consuming that can be for our clients. To make things simpler, we have created an advanced lead tracking system that allows our clients to log in and see telephone calls and contact forms in real time.

These leads can be categorized into several areas. For example, a lead can be marked as "good," "bad," or even "existing client." You can also leave a note about the lead. Our technology then takes this information and integrates the knowledge into the campaign. This means that more of your budget goes toward proven behaviors that are working well and less of it goes into whatever is not generating quality leads.

While our technologies and people are always working to enhance your campaign, your participation is very important, as well. The more you communicate with your marketing team, the better your campaign will perform. Then you can just leave it to Scorpion to make your campaign is as effective as humanly possible.