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Wing Zone

Winning More Customers with Smarter Digital Marketing

Quick Stat 25%-75% Increase in Customers
The Goal

No Long-Term Online Marketing Plan

Wing Zone is one of the most widely-recognized restaurant franchises in America, but prior to partnering with Scorpion, they didn’t have much of a digital marketing strategy, particularly not a long-term plan for their online presence. As more and more people started turning to the Internet to find local restaurants, this was hampering their ability to grow.

They needed a way to increase revenue, get more foot traffic to franchisee locations, secure more positive reviews online, and build brand awareness. So, after two decades of forgoing a structured digital marketing plan, they came to Scorpion ready for a change.

Wing zone employee serving Wingz ong
The Solution

Results in Just 12 Weeks

Our team started with four Wing Zone locations, focusing our efforts to show how the right strategy would pay off now and into the future. Within just 12 weeks, we saw results across the boards: 25-74% more customers at each location, 3.4 million total impressions online, and over $112,000 in revenue from online marketing alone. We used our team, technology, and expertise to secure and track these results every step of the way.
PPC & Display Advertising

Building an Online Presence

To help each Wing Zone location build a stronger online presence, we used a combination of pay-per-click (PPC), Google map, and display advertising. This put Wing Zone franchisees in front of hungry locals who were actively searching for chicken wings, in turn driving these locals the Wing Zone website and online ordering platform. Banner ads and remarketing helped to keep Wing Zone top-of-mind as potential customers surfed the Internet. All of this contributed to the increase in customers experienced across all four locations.
Social Media

Targeting the Right Customers

When you consider the amount of time the average person spends on social media, advertising on Facebook and through similar mediums can deliver outstanding results. We used geo-targeting to see that social media ads were displayed to potential customers within just 10 miles of each Wing Zone location, making it easy for these to turn into online orders and customers walking through the door.
Scorpion Marketing System

Detailed, Accurate Reporting

With our proprietary Scorpion Marketing System (SMS), the results of advertising efforts could be seen clearly and in real time. This integrated platform measures key data points and makes it easy to make intelligent decisions that increase revenue and ROI. We could even track the exact origin of each customer, how they ordered, and request online reviews to boost ratings. All of this added up to smarter marketing and better results for Wing Zone.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

Game-Changing Online Advertising

With Scorpion, Wing Zone has seen impressive results. Greater visibility online, with ads delivered to the right audience, has resulted in more online orders and more customers—to the tune of up to 27% net sales increases.

According to Matt Friedman, Co-Founder and CEO of Wing Zone, “Getting new customers in the door, being able to track where they came from, how much they spent, and how they ordered...It’s a game changer.”

Matt, we’re so happy with these changes, and we’re excited to continue this type of growth well into the future!

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