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Law Firm Website Design

As an attorney, your website is the online face of your firm. It’s a representation of your professionalism, your skill, and your brand. It has the power to make or break your practice on the Internet. Make sure it conveys the right image and actually performs.

How We Help

What Makes a
Great Design

A great design goes beyond aesthetics. While it must be eye-catching and pleasing from a visual standpoint, it must also have the right flow and structure to create the type of experience you want for your visitors. It must convey the right type of image, compelling visitors to contact you.

You can only make a first impression once. Make sure your firm’s website is designed by top minds and creatives in legal marketing.

Our Philosophy

What You Get with Scorpion

Your law firm’s website must be designed and built in such a way so it not only displays your unique brand but works with search engines, on mobile phones, and is fully responsive to make it easy for clients and prospects to learn about you and get in touch with your firm. At Scorpion, every aspect of your site is under full and complete control.

  • Responsive

    Years ago, virtually every person who visited a website was using a desktop computer. Today, people use their phones, tablets, and laptops to browse the Internet. In fact, the average person spends about 3.3 hours using their smartphones to engage with digital media. Your website needs to respond correctly to the type of device a person is using, and that’s where responsive web design comes into play. We create each website to translate beautifully—and seamlessly—to any device.

  • SEO-Friendly

    There are numerous ways to make a website SEO-friendly. Some are readily apparent, like a user-friendly URL or engaging and optimized content. Others are completed behind the scenes but are just as important, such as backlinks or coding a website that’s compatible with mobile devices. At Scorpion, each website we create is designed and structured in compliance with Google, Bing, and other search engines’ best practices to ensure it's SEO-friendly and performs.

  • Conversion-Focused

    If your firm’s website is stunning and shows up at the top of search engines, it will be of little use unless it can also convert. You need people to call or come in for a consultation so you can sell them on your services. You can get one million visitors, but this means nothing unless your website is conversion-focused. Using features like compelling content, live chat, easy-to-use contact and case evaluation forms, and above-the-fold designs, our websites are built to convert.

  • Built for Speed

    Loading speed refers to the speed at which your website or a page on your site loads. This affects a visitor’s experience and even search engine optimization. At Scorpion, our law firm websites are built for speed. Whether they’re viewed on smartphones, desktop computers, or tablets, they’re designed and coded to load as quickly as possible, creating a better experience for your users and positively affecting SEO. This is one more way we put your website to work for your practice.

Combining Beauty & Functionality

Our Design Approach & Technology

It takes a combination of aesthetics and technology to design a website that appeals to your clients, ranks in search engines, and converts visitors into contacts. Our industry-leading technology allows us to seamlessly integrate with whatever platform your visitors are using, comply with search engines’ best practices, and deliver the best possible experience. Because your website is a representation of your practice.

Your Website, Your Brand. Let’s Bring It to Life.

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