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How Scorpion Can Help Your Law Firm With Reviews


Law firm reviews are essential to building your firm's reputation, which influences how potential clients view your services and whether they choose to hire you. Most people looking for a law office will look at your website, its content, and any reviews to determine whether you have what it takes to represent them. According to one 2021 report, 99% of people read online reviews for local businesses, which include law firms like yours.

Whether you are a large law firm or a solo practitioner, you should utilize reviews to demonstrate your value. At Scorpion, we know how to build your brand reputation with law firm reviews. We can help you manage and display your reviews to draw more clients through the door. We are your legal marketing partner and can help you improve your bottom line.

Importance of law firm reviews 

Online customer reviews are important for any business, including law firms. Reviews have a strong psychological impact on potential clients who may decide to hire you primarily based on these reviews. Word-of-mouth recommendations are still important, but people shop for everything online now. This includes legal services from criminal defense to billion-dollar business deals and everything in between. No matter your practice area, potential clients are looking at your reviews and evaluating your online presence.

There are several reasons why law firm reviews are so important, including:

  • Increased visibility: Reviews boost your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings online. This makes your law firm more visible when potential clients search online for legal services. Clients will see and read client reviews to determine what makes your firm better than the rest. Additionally, review websites tend to push firms with more reviews up the results list, so numerous high-quality reviews increase your visibility even more.
  • Social proof: Social proof refers to the positive customer reviews others leave. The suggestions and recommendations of multiple people help prove why you are a good lawyer and why your firm is the right choice. Social proof impacts spending behaviors across all business sectors, including the law. Potential clients are more likely to choose your firm when they see that others chose you and had a positive experience.
  • Trust: Clients want a lawyer they can trust. They are likely dealing with a lot of stress and may be facing the greatest challenge of their life. They want someone dependable and competent. Positive online reviews prove you are the best choice for their legal needs. Strong reviews make you appear professional and trustworthy, which drives your firm's business.
  • Lead retention: Many clients will not choose a firm if they don't have positive reviews. A client may look over your website and content, but to seal the deal, they want to know that others were happy with your services. Without the right types of law firm reviews, you will suffer a lead loss that will reduce your client load and revenue.
  • Growth: Customer reviews are among the most powerful ways to increase your firm's revenue. Analysis of your reviews shows where you can improve and what your clients are looking for. Positive reviews demonstrate value and trustworthiness while encouraging clients to take the next step to contact your firm.

Getting More Reviews

You know reviews are critical, but how do you get more of them? You can collect reviews across multiple platforms, a process that is simplified with the help of a law firm marketing company. You can collect reviews from sources like:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Legal ranking services
  • Email
  • Texting to gain reviews

These and other sources help you compile and display reviews on your website. These reviews may also appear in search engine results to improve your law firm's visibility from the beginning of a client's search for an attorney.

Responding to reviews 

You want to make sure you respond to customer reviews quickly and professionally. If you receive a positive review, thank the client for their input. Your response shows you care what your client thinks even after your representation is finished. It shows follow-through and makes a potential client notice these small but noticeable extra steps you take to respond to your clients.

It's also crucial that you respond appropriately to any negative reviews. While you hope these never happen, it is not always something you can control. A negative customer review can hurt your firm if you fail to respond to it.

The wrong kind of response can also be detrimental. An aggressive, rude, or self-defensive response can appear unprofessional or make it seem like you don't care about your clients' feedback.

Responding to reviews the right way is sometimes difficult on your own. Clients often expect a response within a day or two, which can be difficult with everything else you must manage.

You may also struggle to respond to a negative review, even when genuinely wanting to help. Marketing professionals are well-versed in this area and know how to help your law firm maximize the positive impact of customer reviews. They know how to respond and foster positive interactions with past and future clients.

Managing reviews and ratings with Scorpion

Managing your reviews and ratings can feel like a full-time job when you have to do it yourself. Instead, Scorpion Legal can help manage and improve your law firm's reputation. Our reputation management services let you build and manage your firm's reputation with review monitoring in a single location. You can now grow and protect your law firm's brand without the hassle of doing it all yourself.

More people are looking to law firm reviews than ever before. We can help showcase the best things about your firm and why a potential client should pick you to represent them. There are multiple ways Scorpion Legal can help your online review process:

Review monitoring services 

We can help you track and engage with every potential client across multiple websites with our review monitoring services. You can consolidate and manage reviews across multiple platforms in one convenient location. We can help you stand out where it matters, such as on major review sites like Google and Facebook.

We offer always-on reputation monitoring to help automate responses to positive reviews. We also notify you of negative reviews with advice on how to protect your law firm's reputation.

Building better rankings 

Your Google My Business or Google Business Profile and reviews on other reputable sites can impact how you appear online. They can determine where you appear in search rankings and how your reviews are displayed. At Scorpion Legal, we take the steps necessary to improve visibility and increase your rankings.

Getting more reviews 

Getting more Google reviews is an essential part of improving your online reputation. We help drive consistent reviews from current and former clients that display why others should pick your law firm. Scorpion utilizes your website, other review websites, and text and email outreach to solicit positive reviews from clients.

With more reviews, you are even more visible. You can demonstrate real value to clients looking for your legal services. When looking for more reviews, it is important to consult your state bar ethics rules to ensure there are no rules of professional conduct against soliciting testimonials or reviews.

Let Scorpion help with your law firm reviews 

Scorpion can help you win more reviews, manage them, and respond to them quickly. We know what it takes to manage your brand and improve your reputation. We offer reputation and review monitoring services that drive revenue and let you focus on your practice. We also provide complete legal marketing services, from website development to powerful advertising.

Let us help you utilize law firm reviews the right way. Contact us today to get started and improve your law firm's reputation.