Email Marketing Technology For Your Home Services Business

Scorpion email technology helps you save time and money by communicating with your customers automatically. Send invoices, newsletters, even wish them a Happy Birthday each year all with one setup.

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Use Email To Connect With Your Customers

Scorpion email technology helps you save time and money by communicating with your customers automatically.

Email is a great way to connect with customers and improve your communication. It doesn’t have to be labor and time-intensive—it can be done automatically. With the right tools, you can set up emails to be automatically sent with invoices, a newsletter about your blog, or for special occasions.

Scorpion has the email technology you need to stay connected and keep your home services business running efficiently. Our team will help you manage and set up the tools to build customer loyalty with results you can see.

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Make Every Message Count

Email marketing automation helps you drive sales by keeping your customer base engaged and building relationships with them for repeat business, referrals, and positive reviews.

With Scorpion technology you can have a message for every situation ready to be sent. From automatic review request emails to appointment reminders, we have you covered.

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List Management With A Lot Less Management

Upload contact lists and let our easy-to-use email marketing tools handle the rest to stay connected with your customers.

Scorpion technology makes it easy to upload your existing contact lists into our system. Our team will be there to help you set it up and run it.

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Top Email Marketing Strategies for Home Services Businesses

Scorpion’s email technology helps you create strong relationships with your customers. You can craft messages for every announcement, event, and update, but to be effective and grow your business, we recommend following these proven email marketing strategies.

1. Define Your Target Audience

The first step before sending an email is to determine who you’re sending it to. Who is your ideal customer? Emails with the highest engagement and return on your investment are personal and customized to your audience’s needs. Create one or two ideal customer profiles and keep them top of mind each time you draft an email. You may also find yourself sending different emails to each profile which will increase your response and engagement rates.

2. Make Each Email Accessible

An important way to increase the success of your email campaigns and customer retention is to focus on the accessibility of an email. The "curb cut effect" is an example of when you create and design for the most vulnerable, everyone benefits. So, when you’re crafting an email, keep in mind how you are using text size, spacing, and color. Write subject lines that clearly explain what the email is about, add alt text to any images or graphics, and use responsive design so that phones and screen readers can easily scan your email.

3. Use Email Sign-Ups on Your Website

An easy way for local businesses to acquire new email subscribers is through your website. Place an email or newsletter sign-up on strategic pages. This may be a page that lists your services, an about page that tells your story, or a contact page. It’s a small ask for someone interested in your services that can convert them into a customer in the future!

4. Design a Clear, Simple Email Template

Emails that drive the most engagement are often the most simple. Try not to overwhelm your customers and potential customers with too much information or heavy design. Keep each email clear and concise about how someone can take the next step, whether filling out a survey or clicking to your website to read more about an exclusive offer. If there is too much text or the email is graphics-heavy, someone is less likely to engage with your content and move on to the next item in their inbox.

5. Use Person-to-Person Language

Are you speaking to your customers as a person or as a business? People respond to people, especially when the messages are personalized. Invite your customer to open your email with a personal, engaging subject line, use their first name in your introduction, and share the benefits they’ll receive by using your services. One way to check to see if your emails are doing this is to count how many times you use “I” or “we” versus “you.” And then invite them to take action, an important step that will grow your customer list.

6. Develop a Regular Email Content Calendar

Every holiday brings an onslaught of emails to your customer’s inbox. While holidays do have their place to drive sales and promotions, think about how to curate an email content calendar that stands out from the crowd. For example, is there a season when your customers use your services most often, and can you send a special piece of content or promotion at that time? Or, is there a local event that is important to your audience you can use to drive sales and connections?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Email Marketing Technology?

    Email marketing, or automation technology, provides a great way to do a one-time setup for each customer and then have constant opportunities to market to them through email. Once each customer and campaign is set up, you will be able to send newsletters, announcements, promotions, and any other communication you want to all of your customers at once.

  • Why Do I Need Email Marketing Technology?

    Once set up, email marketing technology makes it easy to connect with your customers automatically with email. You just drop in their information and they start to get any of the email communications you want to send.

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