7 Ways to Automate Your Home Services Business

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Rebecca Riserbato

Growing your home services business isn’t an easy task. You probably have mountains of to-do lists, like promoting your services, following up with customers, and sending appointment reminders. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough resources and time in the day to do all these things.

But did you know that you can do all these things in minutes without hiring anyone? There are tons of software in the market that can help you automate your home services business. You can focus on expanding your business by automating repetitive processes. From contactless payments to marketing automation, you can automate most processes of your home services business.


Benefits of Automating Your Home Services Business

Automation is a game-changer for your home services business. If you haven't started incorporating it into your business, you’re definitely missing out. The benefits of automation are:

  • Automation can save time and money.
  • Automating your business processes will allow you to provide a better customer experience.
  • With automation, you can spend time on more meaningful work, which cannot be streamlined.
  • It will help you to book new customers and keep the existing ones.
  • It will get you paid faster.
  • You can train and manage your employees without any stress.

These are some primary benefits of automating your home services business. But now the question is how to start automating your processes? And what exactly to automate?

So today, we will dive into seven ways to automate your home services business.

1. Offer 24/7 Web Chat FAQs

Have you ever visited a website and got frustrated because you couldn't find answers to your questions? In the end, you must have logged off the site without buying any product. Well, this can happen with your website too.

When new customers visit your website, they should easily find answers to their questions. Offering web chat services will solve this problem. Customers won't have to search tons of pages for answers; instead, they can ask a question and get it answered instantly.

Most of the time, questions are related to your home services quotes/estimates, business hours, payment options, etc. You can queue up answers to these questions for a convenient and seamless process. You can also automate your web chatbot to answer outside business hours. Additionally, you can link live chat to your customer relationship management software for faster communication with your home services business.

2. Schedule Appointments and Reminders

Nowadays, almost 50% of consumers prefer to schedule an appointment through email, mobile apps, or an online platform. Add a mobile number to your Google My Business to automate your scheduling process. Customers can text you anytime and schedule an appointment from anywhere.

Appointment automation will save your staff's time and create convenience for your customers. Also, customers will be able to get appointments faster. And you can spend more time on meaningful work, which cannot be streamlined.

Similarly, you can automate your appointment reminders. Automation of confirmation, reminders, and on-my-way messages can save your time and provide a heads-up to the customer. It can also decrease the chances of a no-show before visiting.

3. Contactless Payment

With COVID, contactless payments have risen in popularity. Nearly all consumers prefer contactless and mobile payment methods. Also, it is far more convenient and faster for customers, as 91% of US citizens always keep their phones with them. However, 28% of homeowners will not opt for a home services business with limited payment options.

The best way to do this is to send your customer links via text or email. Instead of collecting payments in days, weeks, or months, you can receive them in minutes. The traditional paper invoices can get lost and are hard to pay. You also don't have to go through printing, mailing, and collecting the payment. Automating payments will additionally reduce errors and increase productivity too.

4. Request Review and Feedback

Having four or more stars on local reviews is crucial for a home services business. Many consumers check out your home services business reviews before scheduling an appointment. 93% of consumers read reviews of home services businesses to determine quality. Furthermore, adding reviews to Google My Business can help in lead generation and client retention.

Automating the review requests process will increase your chances of receiving feedback and reviews. Most homeowners don't want to answer their phones all the time. So automate text messages or emails for requesting feedback and reviews.

5. Recruiting and Training Employees

Automating the whole recruiting process is definitely helpful in saving time and money. You can automate tasks like screening resumes, managing job openings, and scheduling interviews.

Additionally, you can also automate the training period after hiring new employees. Create a website with different training sections and provide them with online videos, audio, and how-to guides. Furthermore, you can also automate shifts, lunch breaks, and holidays. Automation of hiring and training processes can reduce stress and make managing easier.

6. Sales and Client Retention

Onboarding a new customer can be arduous, especially if you do not have a process. Additionally, as a home services business owner, you have to collect tons of information from your customers. Automating the sales process can save you time and help you get new customers quickly.

Automation of the sales process can manage your pipeline more effectively, increase conversion rates, and reduce friction. It can also help you stay on top of a busy schedule and better manage your calendar.

Automation can also help you to follow up with your past customers. For example, you could email a past customer if the plumbing is acting up again or if they want to upgrade to a better thermostat.

By following up with past customers, they will feel valued and appreciate your business. It also can grow your home services business revenue. With follow-up messages, you can upsell your services. Most of the time, customers will reject your offer to upgrade. Yet, some will accept, providing you the chance to earn extra money. It is worth it to stay in contact with past customers. Luckily, automation will make all this possible without interrupting you from other business activities.

7. Email Marketing

Does marketing automation come to your mind first when you think of automation? It is the most popular and the most accessible type of automation. Having an automated email marketing process is excellent for promoting your services.

With email marketing automation, you can trigger action-based emails, like newsletter sign-up confirmations or receiving requested information after filling out a form. Furthermore, you can personalize each email and send them at set intervals.

Another way is to create groups based on the data and send precise emails to each group. You can use email marketing software like Scorpion to quickly build and automate your process.

Get Started Automating Your Home Services Business

Automation is excellent for your home services business to become more productive and efficient. You can book more customers, generate more revenue, and improve customer service.

Even if you are not a tech person, the ideas we’ve listed for automation are easy to incorporate and maintain. You have to put in the extra work upfront to save yourself tons of time and money. Automation can help you make your business more successful.

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