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5 Advertising Tips for Electricians that’ll Make Your Business Blossom

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Casey Shull

For most, spring is a time for cleaning out the dredges of winter and welcoming the start of warmer months. But it’s also a time when people often rely on their electricity more due to air conditioning needs, children home for the summer, and relying on automatic lighting systems when away on vacation.

Anytime is peak time to start your electrician marketing strategy, but there are certain advertising methods you’ll want to hit to really light up your business. Below are five strategic advertising tips to try.

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Utilize the Space on Social Media

How significant is a footprint on social media, even for home services businesses? Survey says 55% of consumers use social media to find new companies to hire. With over 4.2 billion active users, social media is a strategic incentive to make a part of your electrician marketing plan for advertising opportunities.

That number of users may seem daunting to reach, but the good news is that you don’t need to worry about appealing to them all. As a localized business, it’s more important to reach specific customers in your geographic location rather than the masses. Tools such as geofencing or geo-targeting allow you to promote your product or service in a particular area.

Your social media presence will provide your audience with the blueprints of your business. In other words, it’s going to serve as your background check for potential customers, so be thorough and consistent. You’ve created a profile on one of the platforms, but now what should you post? There are a few things you can provide.

DIY, otherwise known as Do it Yourself, may be an electrician's worst nightmare, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide simple tips and tricks for your audience to understand the electrical needs of their home or business. Videos such as how to replace a light fixture, how to pick out the correct smoke detector, or how to replace a fuse in the fuse box are a few tasks you can post about. The hard truth is you can’t always showcase your finished work since a lot of it will be done behind walls, but you can build customer trust and loyalty through expert videos and informative content. Once you’ve developed an audience, make sure you use social media to showcase sales, promotions, and special savings your business provides.

Convert Readers into Customers with Email

Email marketing may seem like ancient history, but it’s still one of the best ways to keep in touch with current customers and attract new ones.

Similar to social media posts, make sure your emails are sent consistently and have a purpose that provides value to your readers. Content can include helpful tips that homeowners will want to do to keep their electric bill down in the summer, tips and tricks on how to hang lights for the holidays, or Christmas tree light safety.

Loyal customers appreciate being the first to know about promotions or specials so circulate them within your subscription list. Make sure you’re performing A/B testing to see what your readers appreciate receiving and what’s converting them into customers.

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Develop an Online Reputation

Despite what Joan Jett may think, a bad reputation may sink your electric business. Part of securing more leads is to appeal to your audience. But part of that appeal is going to come from peers, rather than your electrical marketing efforts. Online reviews, both good and bad, provide a pathway for people to follow when deciding whether or not to use a company.

Gone are the days (kinda) when word of mouth was the way to go. Luckily for civilization, we’re not all reclusive and still speak to one another in person, but nothing beats the power of online reviews.

Invite current customers to rate and review your business. Never solicit reviews or write them yourself. Places like Yelp and Google My Business provide a platform for people to rate and review you. Don’t underestimate the power of reviews. Make sure you respond to any and all reviews and thank customers for their business.


Consider Going Digital

With doctors providing digital healthcare visits, and companies holding board room business over Zoom, you may want to get in on the digital action.

By moving initial visits online you’ll free up technicians who can otherwise move on to bigger appointments, and it allows customers to hold a consultation with you and connect without needing you to step through their door.

In most cases, electricians can get an understanding of what the problem is and be more prepared when an in-person visit is scheduled. Providing remote initial visits is an option you want to be sure to advertise in your email campaigns.


Launch Local Service Ad Campaigns

Impactful website content and SEO utilization is one way to climb the search engine result ladder, but sometimes you need to get to the front page quicker. And while it won’t be free, it can help get you in front of your target audience. That route is called local service ads.

Local service ads are ads that show up at the top of the results page when you’re looking for a local business. This is ideal for electricians who only function in a limited geographic location. One tool electricians can look into is Google Local Service ads which operates with a click-per-lead model rather than a pay-per-click one.

The setup process is simple with first verifying your business, creating your profile, providing the paperwork, and passing the background check. Once done, you’ll be able to create ads and land leads. And the best part? You can stop your ads anytime if you need to readjust your marketing budget.

Get Help With Your Electrician Advertising

There’s a lot electricians can do to bring in more business. There’s always the run-of-the-mill decal on vehicles, billboards in town, or ads in the newspaper. But if you want to see some real growth, it’s time to get serious about your advertising. And if it sounds like a lot, advertising campaigns from Scorpion can blossom it into where you want to be.