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Advertise your brand online with greater efficiency using Scorpion’s franchise paid advertising services. Our experts use industry-leading technology to maximize your return on investment.

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About Paid Advertising

Your brand must be visible online. To accomplish this, it takes a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) to drive organic (unpaid) rankings and paid advertising. With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you have the advantage of using numerous channels to drive potential franchisees and customers to your and your franchisees’ websites—and you only pay when your ad is clicked.

What We Do

Our Franchise PPC Services

With our expertise and technology, Scorpion is a powerful ally in getting the most out of PPC for your brand. We’re here to make your campaigns as effective as possible, with full transparency and trackable results.

  • Dedicated Experts

    Imagine having a team of dedicated franchise PPC experts to manage your campaign and maximize your ROI. That’s what you get at Scorpion. Supported by our proprietary technology, your team will be working to constantly improve your paid advertising campaigns based on their performance as well as any changes in your needs and goals, the market, and consumer needs. We’re always ready to help.

  • Automated Technology

    There’s no such thing as perfection in paid advertising—unless you have a system that leverages over a decade of relevant information and machine learning to monitor and manage your campaigns. Scorpion’s campaign automation technology maximizes efficiency and control in franchise paid advertising, with a system that never takes a break. It’s like having the perfect advertising expert to manage your campaigns.

  • Data & ROI Driven

    The only way to add more locations and get more customers to existing locations is to create paid advertising campaigns that actually convert. It’s not enough to get thousands of leads or millions of website visitors. You need the right leads, and that’s why we create conversion-focused franchise PPC campaigns—and constantly optimize these for ideal performance. We’re here to help you build your brand through smarter PPC.

  • Full Control of Landing Pages

    A landing page is the page that a visitor lands on when they click on an ad. With Scorpion, you have full control of your website and PPC, which means you can decide which page you want a potential franchisee or consumer to land on. They can easily find a local franchisee, order your product online, or get information on opening their own location. With full control of landing pages, we can improve conversion rates and ROI.

  • A/B Testing & Conversion Optimization

    A/B testing will help you understand what potential franchisees and consumers will respond to, which results in better performance of PPC campaigns and improved conversion rates. We use A/B testing to determine which landing page or pages will perform best, based on your needs and goals.

  • Channel Diversification

    Diversification is one of the most effective ways to get better results out of your paid advertising. At Scorpion, we use a diverse advertising portfolio to get more out of your brand’s advertising budget. We can quickly see which channels perform best and allocate more or less depending on results.


The Importance of PPC for Your Franchise

Because there are so many different paid advertising channels, PPC offers a number of key advantages for franchises. You can build brand awareness and drive more traffic to existing locations with targeted ads that get potential franchisees and customers to your website—and specific pages on your site—quickly. PPC is also easy to track. At Scorpion, we take full advantage of this with automation and machine learning to constantly optimize and shift campaigns according to performance and results.

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