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Scorpion Listed Among ‘Top 10 Franchise Suppliers’ by 1851 Franchise Magazine

Jill Wilson's Headshot Jill Wilson Vice President of Media Development and Public Relations

The franchise industry is a pillar of the American economy, giving those with an entrepreneurial drive the framework to build a successful business.

And behind the scenes of those franchises are their partners—organizations franchise brands tap for the strategy, technology, and customer support necessary for brand development and growth.

To pay tribute to these franchise industry partners, 1851 Franchise Magazine created a “Top 10” list, highlighting those service providers specializing in marketing, sales, and franchise management solutions.

And who was one of those Top 10 service providers to the franchise industry?


Trusted by over a hundred franchise brands as a strategic partner and an extension of their marketing team, Scorpion provides franchises across the US with a single solution for all their digital marketing needs.

With just ONE online marketing partner and ONE platform, franchise brands are able to...

  • Eliminate the headache of working with numerous marketing vendors and systems.

  • Consolidate their marketing results into one accessible location improving efficiency and transparency across-the-board.

  • Gain the help of a partner who assists with everything from initial strategy to direct marketing support for franchisees.

And it’s why Scorpion has been ranked the #1 Franchise Marketing Company by Entrepreneur Magazine and has been named Vendor of the Year by Neighborly (formerly Dwyer Group) two years in a row.

Some of the many brands that place their trust in Scorpion include Sports Clips, Mr. Rooter, Tutor Doctor, Smoothie King, and Wing Zone.

To learn more about how Scorpion can help your franchise achieve more successful marketing results in 2019, contact us here.

About the Author
Jill Wilson's Headshot Jill Wilson Vice President of Media Development and Public Relations

Jill Wilson is the Vice President of Development Media and Public Relations at Scorpion. She combines her passion for storytelling to tell the stories that make a brand or business idea truly compelling and unique. With a talent for video production, digital media, and public relations, she brings more than 15 years of experience bridging the gap between corporate brands and the customers they’re speaking to. Graduating from the University of Iowa, Jill enjoys her free time taking care of her son Kal, her husband Chad, and fangirling over Wonder Woman.

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