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3 Ways Mobile Advertising Can Turn Web Traffic Into Foot Traffic for Franchises


Did you know that, on average, people check their phones 150 times a day? And comScore has reported that nearly 7 in every 10 minutes spent on digital media is on a mobile device—with more than half of all digital media time being spent on mobile apps.

What does that mean for your franchise? It means mobile is the place to be.

Given that consumers are spending the majority of time on their smartphones and tablets, why not use that digital space as an opportunity to build exposure around your franchise brand and attract new customers? Other brands and businesses are hitting the ground running. According to AdvertisingAge, in 2016, mobile ad spend overtook desktop ad spend for the first time, and it represented more than half (51%) of all digital ad revenue for that year.

Don’t get left behind. Leverage mobile advertising for your franchise.

Here are 3 ways you can use mobile ads to turn web traffic into foot traffic and new revenue for your franchise locations:

1. Local Targeting: Get Your Brand Seen by Nearby Customers

One of the greatest benefits of mobile advertising is it allows you to serve your ads based on location—such as people within a certain city or mile radius around your franchise business. Whether you are running mobile pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google or Bing or social media ads on sites and apps like Facebook, you can target online users who are most likely to convert into new customers—those who are few minutes away from your franchise location. Location targeting combined with other powerful targeting strategies—such as targeting based on interests, behaviors, and past website visits—make your mobile ads resonate that much more with your audience.

According to Google, mobile users are some of the most likely consumers to take action after finding out about a business online. Consider these facts: 92% of consumers who search for products on their mobile devices make a purchase within a day, and 76% visit a related business within a day.

2. Mobile Optimization: Create a Better User Experience

Remember, the user experience is different on smartphones than on desktops. Potential customers on mobile devices tend to be on the go and in need of quick answers. According to Google, more than a third of consumers users say they are always or usually in a hurry when searching for a local business on their smartphone.

Considering this, you should optimize your mobile ads to create a better experience for smartphone users. Use powerful visuals such as images and videos, and keep your copy concise. Use strong calls to action that are more likely to drive calls and store visits, and include click-to-call buttons to make it easier for potential customers to take immediate action. This will help you capture your audience’s attention when they are moving a mile a minute.

3. Promotions: Driving More Customers Through the Door

Ads for special coupons and promotions are especially popular in local mobile advertising for franchises and other brands. People can’t resist a great savings—especially when the deal can be accessed with a simple tap on a smartphone and used immediately at the store or restaurant down the street. No printing necessary.

You can use your promo ads to either appeal to people when they are actively searching for services like yours (and comparing prices), or to capture the attention of potential customers when they are simply browsing the web or using an app on their phones. Your advertised promo might be that extra push to get the customer to take action sooner rather than later.

Want more helpful franchise advertising tips? Check out our latest e-book: “Paid Search Advertising 101 for Franchises.”

About the Author
As Senior Vice President of Sales at Scorpion, Justin Mink focuses on developing and growing Scorpion’s national business across a variety of industries. Prior to joining Scorpion, Justin was the Chief Marketing Officer at New Frontier Data, a start-up technology company that provides responsible operators and investors in the legal cannabis industry with real-time data and analytics. Some of his other previous roles include co-founder and VP of Strategy at Music Audience Exchange, National Director at ReachLocal, and Brand Marketing Lead at Gannett.

Justin is a graduate of the University of Mary Washington, where he received a B.A. in political science. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, cooking and wine, hiking and the outdoors, and spending time with his family. He is also a major Washington Redskins fan, spending a couple of seasons at FedEx Field on game days as an official team “flag guy.”