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Top 5 SEO Tips for the Franchise Owner


You may have a working knowledge of search engine optimization, but if you’re ready to take that understanding to the next level, consider these tips.

Search engines are changing constantly. This can make it difficult to keep up, especially for the franchise owner who is busy running their business. Despite constant fluctuation in the realm of online marketing, here are some tried and true SEO tips that are beneficial for any franchise owner.

1. Before Anything, Conduct Keyword Research

Adding more content to your website won’t do much if you’re focused on the wrong keywords. Before you do anything else, conduct keyword research to uncover search behavior and find out what your target audience is searching for. Frequent, relevant content certainly isn’t a bad thing, but you may be missing key opportunities if you don’t base your content on real data.

Takeaway: A great way to mine keyword data in your particular industry is by using the Google Adwords Keyword Research tool. This is a free service – all you need is a login!

2. When It Comes to Links, More Isn’t Always More

Focus on quality backlinks, even if that means getting less of them. Having a lot of low-quality links is not only unhelpful, but it can actually be harmful. Enter Google’s Penguin algorithm. Google engineered Penguin to eliminate spam websites from search results by evaluating the quality of each website’s backlink profile. Sites with a lot of low-quality backlinks receive lower rankings (and even penalties in some cases), while sites with higher quality backlinks from authority websites receive higher rankings.

Takeaway: Concentrate your efforts on pursuing high quality backlinks from authority websites relevant to your industry, even if that means you have less of them.

3. “Set It and Forget It” Is Not an Option

Google likes regular, fresh content. It shows that your site isn’t just sitting there getting stale. By adding new content to your website on a regular basis, Google will see your site as fresh and relevant, which is definitely a ranking factor.

Takeaway: Build a content calendar to add keyword-researched, relevant content to your website regularly. This could mean anything from blogs and content pages to white papers and video!

4. Focus On Unique and Relevant Content

Two of the most important criteria for website content are originality and relevancy. The originality criteria is twofold – content should not only be your original ideas, but also your original words. Content should also be relevant to your industry. For example, if you’re in the plumbing industry, talk about plumbing, drain tips, and helpful how-tos. Not only will this help Google better understand what your website is all about, but it’s also valuable to your customer base!

Takeaway: Show that you’re an authority in your field by posting content that is unique and relevant to your industry.

5. SEO Is for Humans

Write for humans, not search engines. Google’s algorithms have gotten incredibly sophisticated over the years. Now more than ever, it’s better to optimize for your target audience and focus on user experience rather than the search engines. Google values what users value, so focus your SEO efforts on what your visitors will find valuable.

Takeaway: You can engage in proper SEO and still add value to your website visitors. When it comes to optimizing your website, focus on your potential customers first!

Optimize Your Site for Success

As a franchise owner, you know your business better than anyone does. Capitalize on your industry knowledge to optimize your site for success! SEO isn’t just a set of tactics for tactics’ sake. SEO is a real way for you to grow your business and create lifelong customers.

Are you ready to grow your franchise with the help of comprehensive online marketing? Contact Scorpion’s franchise marketing experts at (888) 300-0409!