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Internet Marketing: Your Franchise's Secret Weapon to Success


If you’ve invested money into an advertising campaign, you already know how much it can cost to send mailers, advertise on the radio, and bid for a billboard spot. You’re probably more than familiar with the price of running promotions and specials. While these tactics are tried and true, if your only marketing strategies consist of traditional advertising, you’re robbing yourself of the opportunity to generate even more business online.

Marketing & Advertising Your Business Online

Americans spend twice as much time online today as they did a decade ago. They’re on Facebook and YouTube. They’re Googling facts, researching services, and shopping products. The term "Google it" has become to go-to answer for anyone looking to find a specific good or service. People no longer open the phone book to find what they’re looking for; they grab their phones / tablets / laptops and start searching online instead. And when they search, they expect to land on a website that quickly – and clearly – provides them with the information they need.

Ask yourself, if you’re not marketing your franchise online, are you really giving your business the best chance at success? And, furthermore, if you are marketing online, does your website have it what it takes to get you ahead of your competitors? Consider the following:

An Optimized Website Can Help Increase Your Visibility

When you search for something on Google, particularly a business, you know it will bring up pages and pages of search results. And if you’re like most users, you won’t look past page one to find what you’re searching for. You might not even look past the first couple of results on the page!

If you want your business website to be found online, you must properly optimize it for SEO (search engine optimization) so it displays at the top of search results. Considering a PPC (pay-per-click or paid search) campaign can also help get you to the top of page-one search results – and it can do it quickly!

How does it work?

A clean, easy-to-navigate website that’s mobile-friendly and optimized with the keywords your visitors are searching for is a good start. Supplement your website with an active blog that contains informative, entertaining, and useful content to bring in visitors, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

When executed correctly, your SEO efforts will help you rank on page one of search results; they’ll help your website (and business) be found by the audience you’re trying to attract; and they’ll help you bring in new calls and business on a regular basis.

The Trick to Advertising Online

Pouring money into traditional advertising campaigns that may not accurately target your audience (and are difficult to track) can be replaced with hyper-targeted pay-per-click ads that can be analyzed for effective optimization. PPC ads help you quickly get in front of the audience you’re targeting and they allow you to control how much you spend on the advertising; you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on ads that are not converting again.

The Bottom Line

Today's franchise businesses can drastically improve sales and customer relationships through an internet marketing campaign that includes a strong website, regular blogging, and internet advertising.

For even more information about franchise online marketing, download this free social media guide.