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Revenue Growth Technology You Can Trust

For a business, there’s nothing more important than how your numbers look. It determines your budget, your marketing strategy, and whether or not you can keep your doors open. In other words, all roads lead back to revenue growth.

With so many avenues that determine revenue growth, you can save time and money by having all the information on where you’re growing, where you’re not, and how to accelerate your business in one place.

Scorpion has all of the technology you need to grow your business. Our visual dashboards help you set goals of where you want to be and show you how to get there.

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Revenue Growth At Your Speed

Some businesses want to dominate their field altogether, and others are just looking to maintain their revenue. The only thing any business doesn’t want to do is break even, or worse, see a decline in revenue growth.

Revenue growth management technology provides you an inside look at the analytics, insights, and how your recent decisions have affected that growth.

At Scorpion, we have the team and technology to grow your business your way. We work with you to determine what is best for your business, and our technology shows you how to best get there.

Revenue Growth Technology For All

Not all businesses are created equal. From growth rate to product type, your business will have different needs and goals compared to other companies. But all businesses—big or small—rely on revenue growth to survive.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to strategies for revenue growth, you need to come up with strategies unique to your business needs.

Our revenue growth technology is powerful enough to serve everyone, but smart enough to be custom-tailored for your business.

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How to Get Started with Growth Revenue Technology

What Determines Revenue Growth?

Revenue growth is determined by how much money your company made as a whole. That includes all your sources of income (sales, royalties, fees, investments, etc.). Depending on the goal, business owners will look at their revenue growth from an entire fiscal year to monthly to make decisions.

Revenue growth is generally calculated by taking the current period’s revenue minus the prior year's revenue and then dividing that number by the prior-year revenue.

So, for example, if your company made $90 last year and $100 this year, you would have revenue growth of 11%.

What is the Difference between Growth Revenue and Sales?

Although they both bring in money for your business, growth revenue and sales are not the same things. Sales and earnings actually fall under the umbrella of revenue growth.

Sales are the amount of money your company makes from selling a product or service for a period of time. That number doesn’t take into account expenses. That’s what earnings are for. Earnings are what deducts expenses from your growth revenue.

So, in a nutshell, growth revenue is the amount of money your company brings in over a pre-determined amount of time from sales and other sources of income.

What Are Some Ways to Accelerate Your Growth Revenue?

Similar to how you always hope your checked luggage manages to get to the same destination as yourself, growth revenue is not something you set a goal for and forget about. Growth revenue should be considered a strategy that you’re always putting effort into, like decorating your bag with an unmistakable ribbon or only bringing a carry-on item when you travel.

Consider how you deal with repeat customers. Is there a reward or incentive to keep shopping with you? If your company is product-based, you could set marketing goals to appeal to consumers with discounts, new inventory, bundled products, or free shipping.

If you haven’t already, conduct some market research. How do consumers feel about your current products or services? What are your competitors doing that you’re not? Implementing a full-funnel marketing plan can help revamp your business and generate fresh interest that fuels your revenue growth for the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Do I Need Revenue Growth Technology?

    There are many ways to grow revenue in your business. However, taking the wrong path can lead to wasted time and money. Revenue Growth Technology from Scorpion will help build you a custom plan for your business, show you how to grow, and provide engaging visual dashboards with results you can see.

  • What Is Revenue Growth Technology?

    Software focused purely on building your business. Our technology at Scorpion provides unique insights to build a custom growth plan.

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