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Yochim Plumbing Services Inc.

From Tens of Thousands of Dollars Wasted to Fast-Tracked Business Growth

After pouring money down the drain due to subpar marketing, the Cline family set out to find a better solution. With Scorpion, they were able to get on the right track for cost-effectively growing their business.

Quick Stat 40% Increase in Lead Volume
in Their First Month
The Goal

Burning Through Cash with Ineffective Marketing

When Chris Cline’s father started Yochim Plumbing, he believed the only real way to grow a business was through word of mouth. So, over the course of about 40 years, the family-run business did very little in the way of formal marketing, and the marketing they did invest in left them with a bad taste in their mouths.

The Canyon Country, California-based business ran some ads in the Yellow Pages and even hired a few marketing companies, but the Clines were disappointed with the results every single time. According to Chris, who is General Manager at Yochim Plumbing:

“At first, marketing felt like taking $100 bills and burning them up… taking a $100 bill and taking a lighter to it—and that’s what we were doing at first. I’ve been a victim of tens of thousands of dollars of [wasted] money by throwing money into a pot and hoping that that pot would turn into gold, but that’s not exactly how it works.”

Chris Cline
The Solution

“It Was Clear That We Needed to Make a Change”

By the time Chris and his brother Mark were heading up the company’s operations, they knew they wanted to find a better solution for Yochim Plumbing’s marketing problem. They also knew that in order to do that, they needed a partner they could actually trust to put their marketing dollars to the best use and get them the results they wanted. So, the Cline brothers set out to look for a marketing partner that was the right fit for Yochim Plumbing, and that’s when they found Scorpion.

Smarter Investment

Advertising Driven by Strategy & Data

When Chris and Mark made the switch to Scorpion, they went from blindly throwing their hard-earned cash at ineffective solutions to working with a partner that could help them strategize the smartest ways to use their budget. We set Yochim Plumbing up with our Scorpion One solution, which launches advertising campaigns across numerous digital channels and leverages machine learning technology to determine the most profitable way to apply their budget. Now Yochim Plumbing is using their advertising dollars more wisely and getting better results.

Constant Communication

Crystal-Clear Objectives & Next Steps

Another element that has been important for Yochim Plumbing’s marketing success is the communication they have with their marketing team. Chris and Mark stay in close contact with their reps at Scorpion, talking with them just about every day through calls, texts, and emails. Through that communication, the Clines and our team at Scorpion are able to work together to keep Yochim Plumbing’s campaigns running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Business Culture Alignment

A Company Led by Core Values

As a family-owned plumbing business that is dedicated to five-star customer service, Yochim Plumbing has a close-knit team and set of established values that drives their business decisions. So, working with Scorpion was a no-brainer when they saw our company had a very similar culture to theirs. “Seeing their environment and seeing how they run their business, it really mattered to me because that’s how I run my business. We keep it very family[-oriented], we keep it very open, and there’s trust,” Chris said.

He added that he was especially impressed by seeing that, similar to Yochim Plumbing, Scorpion has a set of core values that every employee lives by. “That’s important to me because a company that has core values knows how to operate,” Chris said.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“I know that this is the next part to growing the company, and this is where we need to be. This is the next move that’s ultimately going to push us forward. Myself and everyone included within the team is extremely excited for what the future has to bring with the relationship between us and Scorpion.” Mark Cline Service Manager, Yochim Plumbing Services Inc.
Continuing Success

Opening the Floodgates of Growth

Now that the Clines’ marketing has gone from chaos to operating like a “well-oiled machine” (in the words of Mark), Yochim Plumbing is now getting greater exposure in their local community and bringing in more business.

In fact, they were able to increase their lead volume by 40% in their first month of launching with Scorpion, which is especially impressive considering it was during the coronavirus pandemic. Yochim Plumbing was also able to add a third truck and hire an additional customer service rep as a result of the uptick in business they’ve seen.

Chris and Mark, we’re so proud to see how far Yochim Plumbing has come and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for you and your team!

Mark Cline
Mark Cline

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