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Keeping Dr. Unruh's Practice Going During a Life-Altering Family Crisis

When Chace Unruh’s son was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer, his world came to a screeching halt. Fortunately, his practice did not, thanks to the support of his dedicated marketing team.

The Goal

A Practice with a Passion for People

Growing up with a father who was a chiropractor, Dr. Chace Unruh learned that there’s a lot more behind this field of medicine than adjustments—it’s really about helping people in need and transforming their lives for the better. That’s why he started his own chiropractic practice, Unruh Spine Centers based in Santa Clarita, California, building it on a foundation of quality care and compassion for his patients.

So, when Dr. Unruh was looking for a marketing company, he wanted to find one with a similar mindset in how they treated their clients. He found the very same people-focused passion in Scorpion. Little did he know that’s exactly the type of partner he’d need down the road when his world would be completely turned upside down due to a major family crisis—his young son was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.

Dr. Chace Unruh
The Solution

"It Was Almost Impossible to Focus on the Business"

With Dr. Unruh staying by his son’s side in the hospital, it was difficult to focus on his practice. Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about losing momentum with his business because his marketing team at Scorpion stepped up with additional support. In the words of Dr. Unruh:

“They were right with us the whole time, and they walked us hand-in-hand through that process.”

Planning & Execution

A Trusted Team Taking Initiative

Understanding that Dr. Unruh had to focus his time energy on his son, the team at Scorpion took complete charge of the practice’s marketing strategy. Not only did they keep the campaigns running smoothly, but they helped Unruh Spine Centers take advantage of new advertising opportunities (advertising on Yelp and Waze) that allowed the practice to get in front of more people in the local community.
A Focus on Growth

Building Exposure for a New Location

At the time that Dr. Unruh’s family was dealing with their crisis, Unruh Spine Centers had a new location in Thousand Oaks that needed more exposure and business. Dr. Unruh’s marketing team didn’t miss a beat—they worked quickly to put strategies in place to make sure the practice stood out to potential patients in the surrounding area, helping the Thousand Oaks office to book appointments.
Additional Support

Lending a Hand Where Needed

While Scorpion specifically serves as Unruh Spine Center’s partner for digital marketing, we believe in providing support to our clients wherever we can. That’s why Dr. Unruh’s marketing team went beyond their typical role and provided guidance and support in other areas as needed, such as collaborating on offline marketing projects like the design of the practice’s billboards.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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"They just got in behind the driver’s seat and took care of everything for us… That was a shining example of what kind of class-act organization Scorpion really is and the people they have working there." Dr. Chace Unruh Founder, Unruh Spine Centers
Continuing Success

A Partner That Became Like Family

According to Dr. Unruh, trials are what test the strength of a relationship, so there was no question about it when he saw how his marketing partner stepped up in his time of need. Here’s how he describes it:

“I’ll tell you what—people over at Scorpion care, and that to me developed the family relationship for us… Having a team that was there for us in the biggest, darkest hour of my life, having them be a part of our lives during that period was instrumental in helping us keep the business going and keep the marketing going effortlessly. So, thank you, Scorpion.”

And to Dr. Unruh, we say you can always count on us to be here for you and your family.

Dr. Chace Unruh & son

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