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Our clients come to us in hopes of solving a wide range of marketing challenges. Read these stories to see how a smarter digital marketing strategy and a reliable partner can put problems in the past and get your firm on the road to growth.


Taking a Step Forward While Others Were Cutting Back

When the COVID-19 pandemic went into full swing and “non-essential” companies were forced to close their doors, business owners had a difficult question on their hands:

Should I pause my marketing campaigns, or keep running them?

For Gill Law Firm, there was no time to spare in finding the right answer. Attorney Jana Barnett walked us through the firm’s decision process:

“My office manager came to me, panicked about the cost of our employees’ salaries and overhead. The owners of the firm weren’t taking paychecks and the last thing we wanted to dump our money into was marketing because we thought we had bigger problems on the horizon.”

The logic made sense, and many business owners opted for this short-term cost-saving measure. However, the team at Gill Law Firm had been working with Scorpion for years to build a digital marketing strategy that would reach their ideal potential clients. To cut off their campaigns would have negated countless hours of strategizing and opened the door for competitors to attract clients that might have ended up calling their firm.

On top of that, past economic downturns told us the long-term consequences of pausing campaigns. Time and time again, the businesses that stood their ground or even doubled down on their marketing came out of the crisis stronger than ever. The companies that took a more conservative approach and reduced their marketing budgets, on the other hand, struggled to regain their footing and bring in new business at the rate they need in order to reach their goals.

Many business owners chose to pause their campaigns, giving a rare opportunity to the firms who continue to advertise online:

  • Less competition leads to more visibility.
  • When fewer people want to buy digital ads, their cost goes down.
  • Your potential clients are spending more time on their computers and mobile devices.

Why Businesses Shouldn't Back Down

With those new insights, Jana and the rest of the team decided to stand strong and try to turn a stressful situation into a positive one. The results?

“Our ads were all over Google and Facebook for our city and our keywords were ranking #1. Our phones were ringing off the hook. We have had our busiest months in the history of our firm during COVID-19 and it is entirely due to the fact that we trusted Scorpion and the incredible team that has been working with us for years to make us successful. Some of our local colleagues are just now realizing that the end of the pandemic may not be near, so now they need to make a plan for how to get their business on track. They are playing catch up while we have soared past the competition.”

Jana and everyone at Gill Law Firm, we couldn’t be more excited to see your hard work and belief in your firm pay off — here’s to the future!

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