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Thomas P. Gill

Making More & Working Less: Smarter Online Marketing

By getting more of the right clients and cases through smarter Internet marketing, the team at the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr. found themselves earning more while working less.

Quick Stat 43% Revenue Increase in 24 Months
The Goal

Reliant on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

For years, the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr. relied almost exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals from previous clients. They routinely saw five or six cases walk through the door each month as a result, which was enough to maintain their practice but did not facilitate any real growth.

To take things to the next level, the firm tried a six-month partnership with an Internet marketing company but saw ZERO results: no new clients, no leads, and a disappointing online presence.

It was time to find a partner who could actually deliver what the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr. needed—a chance to break free from word-of-mouth marketing and succeed on the Internet with a new website and marketing campaigns that would bring in more ideal clients and cases.

Thomas P. Gill
The Solution

A Real Online Presence

When Jana Barnett of the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr. came to Scorpion, she knew the firm needed a real online presence. We put a dedicated team to work for the Brandon, Florida family law practice to deliver on every possible level. Jana was impressed with how easy it was with an experienced partner to handle the firm’s marketing. “Scorpion makes my life easier,” she said. We make more money and we work less.” With more of the right cases, the firm experienced an average revenue increase of $110,000 each year.
Targeted Advertising

Getting the Right Cases

One of the benefits of a strong Internet marketing strategy is the ability to find not just more clients, but more right-fit clients. We used targeted advertising to drive in more quality leads, giving the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr. the freedom to evaluate each new opportunity on a case-by-case basis and say “no” to cases that weren’t the right fit for their practice. There was no more compromising just to try to bring in more revenue—they could pick and choose to find ideal cases.
Reliability & Transparency

Not Settling for the Status Quo

In broadening the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr.’s reach, we were able to increase their number of new cases from 5-6 per month to 10-15 per month. We tracked every campaign with total transparency and real-time reporting, bringing Jana and the team peace of mind knowing that we were always on top of their digital advertising, rankings, and leads. The firm would never have to settle for the status quo.
Customer Service

A Dedicated Team

When we partner with a firm like the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr., we know just how important trust and service are to building and maintaining a working relationship. That’s why we’re always ready to offer support, answer questions, and provide guidance. We’re fully invested in the firm’s success, and Jana knows it. “Scorpion was the only marketing agency that actually cared about who our firm was; not how deep our pockets were.”

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“Scorpion makes it so easy to be successful with our marketing.” Jana Barnett Founding Attorney, Thomas P. Gill
Continuing Success

“Scorpion Makes It So Easy”

Since partnering with Scorpion, the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr. has seen a 43% increase in annual revenue. They’ve been receiving more of the right cases, which means they’re earning more but working less. And achieving these results was easy for Jana and the team. 

Thomas P. Gill

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