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The Plumbing Authority

Boosting Visibility & Community Engagement

The Plumbing Authority delivered exceptional service and quality workmanship, but they felt invisible in the community—until they partnered with Scorpion.

Quick Stat 2X Growth in 1 Year
The Goal

No Real Growth

For years, The Plumbing Authority delivered impeccable service to its customers in the greater Knoxville area. In spite of this, the company struggled to create a lasting impression in its service area and was experiencing no real growth.

When it came to Internet marketing, The Plumbing Authority’s presence and reputation paled in comparison to the level of workmanship and service they delivered to their customers. They were virtually invisible in the community.

They were looking for a marketing partner who could create recognition in the community and generate more, higher-paying jobs to improve The Plumbing Authority’s profit margin.

Plumbing Authority crew member standing in front of a work truck
The Solution

The Right Approach

In partnering with The Plumbing Authority, we saw an opportunity to build an online presence that mirrored the company’s high standards and a detailed marketing strategy that would yield real results. Phone calls were coming in, but not enough to create the type of growth that the team wanted. We cut the dead weight, brought in new ideas, and started measuring results that matter.
Smarter Budgeting

Cutting the Dead Weight

Like any small business, The Plumbing Authority had no money to waste on marketing and advertising campaigns that weren’t pulling their weight. Every cent of their budget needs to be spent wisely to drive growth. We started with ending business-to-business relationships that weren’t pulling their weight, cutting partnerships with long-utilized organizations like Angie’s List and the Yellow Pages. We knew every marketing dollar needed to be spent where it would count most.
Video Engagement

Becoming a Household Name

Generating interest and boosting engagement in a busy community is hard for any business, but it’s important. We knew it would take innovative, thoughtful content and messaging to build The Plumbing Authority brand into a recognized and trusted name with local property owners. We needed to demonstrate their professional expertise while showing the personal side of their techs and the company itself. Our video team got to work and created compelling videos that would resonate with the very people who need The Plumbing Authority’s services.

Clearly Tracking ROI

The Plumbing Authority had always been ready and willing to spend money on marketing and advertising—they just wanted to know where and how that money would be spent. We took care to deliver full transparency, as we do for all our clients, with an easy-to-use online dashboard and ongoing reporting to show in full detail where every dollar is being spent, where leads are coming from, which campaigns are performing, and more. There’s never a doubt as to where their money is being spent, and constant reporting leads to more effective campaign monitoring and management.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

Opening New Doors

Since partnering with Scorpion, The Plumbing Authority has benefited from an improved reputation in the community, with more calls, leads, and customers than ever before. In less than a year, the company got over 400 new customers, hired 5 new employees, and doubled in size.

To the entire team at The Plumbing Authority, your success is everything to us. We’re excited to help you continue to grow!

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