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The Hammer Law Firm, LLC

Attracting Better Cases with the Right Brand & Smarter Marketing

As experienced former prosecutors, the attorneys at The Hammer Law Firm had much to offer. Scorpion helped them build their brand and visibility to get the high-value cases they needed.

Quick Stat 173.5% Increase in Annual Revenue
The Goal

Paying More for Less

As former prosecutors, husband-and-wife team Mark Hammer and Nicole Chiravollati have over three decades of collective legal experience, including over 100 jury trials. They have the experience and reputation to take their firm to the next level, but before partnering with Scorpion, they were missing the right marketing strategy.

With a previous marketing partner, all they received were empty promises and fleeting results. Mark and Nicole found themselves paying more and more for their online marketing just to compete, but they weren’t getting enough business to match their higher level of investment, impacting their overall ROI.

The Hammer Law Firm needed more high-value criminal cases that would bring in the revenue they needed while solidifying their reputations as leading trial attorneys. So, they turned to Scorpion.

Mark Hammer and Nicole Chiravollati
The Solution

Seeking Quality Cases

The Hammer Law Firm needed a visual identity that matched the firm’s professionalism and reputation. This, along with smarter marketing campaigns, would drive in the higher-value cases Nicole and Mark wanted. Using our legal marketing expertise and industry-leading technology, we helped the firm nearly triple their revenue in 4 years, all while decreasing their cost per lead by 36% year over year. They didn’t need to pay more for better cases—they just needed a better partner.
Web Design & Messaging

A Conversion-Focused Website

Our first step was to create a brand-new, conversion-focused website for The Hammer Law Firm, one that highlighted the attorneys’ advanced experience and winning track record in court. We knew we needed the type of imagery, messaging, and even color scheme to resonate with site visitors and entice them to call or come in for a consultation. This was a key element in building a visual identity that matched the level of competence and determination that Nicole and Mark bring to every case.
Search Engine Optimization

Improving Rankings & Visibility

A great website is of little use if no one can find it, so our marketing experts got to work to put The Hammer Law Firm at the top of search engines. Ranking organically (without paying) is not easy, but it is invaluable for any practice’s online presence. We improved The Hammer Law Firm’s search engine optimization (SEO) the right way, in compliance with industry standards and best practices. Through our efforts, we were able to help the firm rank on page one for most of its keywords.
Paid Advertising

Smarter Pay-Per-Click Strategies

Because Nicole and Mark wanted to target specific types of criminal cases, we knew it would take targeted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, combined with organic rankings, to drive in the right clients. Our strategists worked to continually manage and adjust paid advertising campaigns, driving in more qualified traffic and leads. According to Mark, “I wanted people calling me on the phone prepared to pay $10,000 to $20,000, rather than get ten $2,000 cases.” That’s precisely what we delivered.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“I just love the people at Scorpion. I just love that if I email my marketing manager, she emails me back immediately.” Nicole Chiravollati Co-Founder, The Hammer Law Firm, LLC
Continuing Success

A Real Game Changer

Since partnering with Scorpion, The Hammer Law Firm has transitioned from getting a lot of low-value misdemeanors to bigger and better cases, such as serious felonies and federal crimes. This has been a game changer for Mark and Nicole. They’ve experienced a 173.5% increase in annual revenue over the past 4 years, have hired someone to help out at the office, and are looking at bringing in an associate.

Mark and Nicole, we’re glad we’ve been able to help you get the cases you want, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for The Hammer Law Firm!

Mark Hammer and Nicole Chiravollati

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