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The Cleaning Authority

Smarter Branding Boosts Appointments & Sales

Looking for a way to attract more customers, The Cleaning Authority discovered their digital image was paramount to winning the trust and business of new customers.

Quick Stat 278% Growth in Online Sales
The Goal

Driving New Customers to the Franchise

The Cleaning Authority is a house-cleaning franchise with over 225 locations across North America and a reputation for excellent service. As a brand of that size and stature, The Cleaning Authority needed an ironclad system for bringing new business to their franchisees. They had invested in various marketing efforts, but they were still struggling to get the volume of appointments and sales they needed.

To turn things around, The Cleaning Authority hired a new marketing director, Heather McLeod (who is now Chief Marketing Officer at Authority Brands). Heather quickly identified the problem—The Cleaning Authority was getting a lot of traffic on their website, but a weak digital brand was sabotaging their ability to turn site visitors into new customers. That’s when Heather turned to Scorpion for help.

The Cleaning Authority Maids
The Solution

Strengthening the Brand

In hiring our team, Heather was looking for more than just a marketing vendor to check off tasks on a to-do list—she wanted a strategic partner who could help her take The Cleaning Authority to the next level of success...and that’s exactly what we set out to do. Rather than looking at The Cleaning Authority’s online presence piecemeal, we considered big-picture strategies that would strengthen the brand’s reputation and authority as the top choice for house cleaning services.
User Experience

Targeting Online Conversions

While The Cleaning Authority’s digital ads were bringing a lot of visitors to their website, only a small percentage of those visitors were actually signing up for appointments. To boost conversions, we redesigned The Cleaning Authority’s website, making it more visually engaging, easier to navigate, and reflective of the brand’s mission of making their customers’ lives easier. This helped to build new prospects’ trust, making them feel more comfortable about scheduling an appointment.
Diverse Digital Strategy

Staying in Front of Potential Customers

It often takes a while before a customer will decide to hire house-cleaning professionals. They may need to see an ad or a promotion multiple times before they take action and schedule service. To help The Cleaning Authority stay visible to potential customers at every stage of their journey, we helped the franchise brand set up advertising across numerous digital channels (including search engines, social media platforms, email platforms, video platforms, and more) that targeted their ideal clientele.
Data Transparency

Tracking Every Single Lead

Heather knew launching The Cleaning Authority’s new website and digital marketing strategy was only half the battle. The other half was tracking the results and making sure everything was working as it should be. To create greater data transparency for Heather, we integrated The Cleaning Authority’s existing customer relationship management (CRM) system with Scorpion’s marketing platform. This made it easier for Heather to track the full cycle of every single lead and attribute revenue to specific marketing efforts.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

A Partner Serving as Part of the Franchise Team

After improving their digital image and solidifying their strategy, it didn’t take long for The Cleaning Authority to achieve the results they were looking for. They saw an immediate spike in their online leads and conversions, and within a year, they experienced a 199% increase in appointments and a 182% increase in sales from their website.

Heather says she’s excited about all the growth The Cleaning Authority has been able to achieve, but that’s not the only thing that keeps her working with Scorpion. She stays on board as a client because she loves the hands-on customer service she gets from our team.

We’re here for whatever you need, Heather! Thank you for allowing us to be part of The Cleaning Authority’s growth journey.

The Cleaning Authority Employee
Heather Getting in a Morning Workout With Her Scorpion Team!

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