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Transitioning a Successful Firm’s Focus from Personal Injury to Criminal Defense

Attorney Mac Meade dreamed of running a successful criminal defense firm. So when he took over his father’s personal injury practice, he chose a trusted marketing partner to make the transition.

Quick Stat 50-75% Month-over-Month
Business Growth
The Goal

A New Focus

Evan Meade & Associates was one of the most successful personal injury firms in Johnson City, Tennessee. When Evan announced he was retiring and asked his son, Mac, to take over the practice, however, this presented a few challenges.

Mac was excited to take over a thriving practice, and he had already experienced success working as a personal injury attorney at his father’s firm. However, he had always dreamed of running a successful criminal defense practice. He wanted to pursue his dreams without losing everything his father had accomplished.

Mac turned to Scorpion for a marketing partner who could help him through this difficult transition.

Mac Meade, Attorney
The Solution

Experienced Guidance

When we started working with Mac, we knew it would take a strategic approach to build up the firm’s criminal defense services without losing too much personal injury revenue. We needed to rebrand Evan Meade & Associates as Meade Law Group and dramatically improve their online presence as a trusted criminal defense practice. Fortunately, we had the team and expertise to make it happen. According to Mac, “Quite honestly, I would not be where I am today without your help.”
Trusted Guidance

A Partner & Adviser

With more than a decade of professional experience under his belt, Mac knew plenty about being an attorney, but not a whole lot about running a business. He turned to our legal marketing experts for guidance and a partnership that would allow him to focus on his clients while we took care of the rest. “I went from being an unknown in criminal defense to being known by the judges, attorneys, and staff at courthouses all across the region,” said Mac. “Most importantly, potential clients know my name. Other attorneys are asking to join my practice.”
Focused Attention

Not “Just Another Number”

For Mac, we focused on delivering the level of support that would help him understand that he was not just another number. We started working as an extension of his practice, taking the time to get to know him, understand his goals, and start achieving these. This paid off. According to Mac, “I’ve seen so much growth in the past year and a half that I’m at the point where I need to hire more staff and more attorneys...the phone just keeps ringing. I’m one of the strongest players in the local criminal defense market and it’s only been 18 months."
Communication & Transparency

A Dedicated Support Team

No practice owner wants to feel like they’re being left out in the dark when it comes to the expenditure of their hard-earned money. To that end, Mac wanted assurance from his marketing partner that he would be able to see when, where, and how his money was being spent at all times. Like all of our clients, Mac received an online dashboard that showed precisely how his money was being spent and how his campaigns were performing, in real time. In addition to allowing our team to constantly monitor and adjust his advertising to maximize performance, we gave Mac peace of mind in knowing that we were taking his budget as far as it could possibly go.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“There’s no doubt—my upward trajectory is tied to Scorpion. You’ve not only delivered more leads, you’ve delivered better leads that become great clients. You’ve spent my money wisely, and helped me create a booming brand in criminal defense." Mac Meade Owner, Meade Law Group
Continuing Success

Extreme Growth

Since partnering with Scorpion, Mac has seen steady growth for his practice, amounting to an average 50-75% increase in business month-to-month. What’s more, he’s been able to focus on criminal defense. Over 60% of Meade Law Group’s business now comes from criminal cases. We’ve worked hard to match Mac’s discipline and determination and are proud of the partnership we’ve built.

Mac Meade & Christopher Rodgers

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