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Finding a Remedy for Frustrating, Ineffective Website Management

With an outdated website and content management system in place, Mary Washington Healthcare struggled to stay top-of-mind with potential patients. See how Scorpion's support and the latest marketing technologies helped turn things around.

The Goal

A Challenging Web Presence

As a not-for-profit health system that reinvests its surpluses into serving the community, it’s vital for Mary Washington Healthcare to complete their operational tasks efficiently and with maximum ROI — including their marketing. Unfortunately, the hospital was dealing with an outdated and overly complex website platform that made it a daunting task to add content to their site (which is the heart of their hospital’s promotional strategy). 

Maria C. Bell, who oversees Mary Washington Healthcare’s online presence, had finally had enough. She knew that if she was going to help the health system grow and provide the best possible experience to their patients, she needed a digital marketing partner that could help her smooth out some of the rough edges on the hospital’s online strategy and processes.

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The Solution

Cutting-Edge Technology & Expert Support

As she was researching marketing specialists, Maria knew she needed a partner that had worked with hospitals and possessed the technical expertise their website required. When she found Scorpion, she found all of that, as well as a dedicated team that gave her guidance on every marketing decision.

“Working on our old website was sometimes painful, and I wasn’t happy with the way it looked. But that all went away when we contracted with Scorpion!”

An Informative, Accessible Site

Revamping the Hospital’s Marketing Hub

A hospital’s website is the backbone of their online presence, and Mary Washington Healthcare’s had fallen behind their competitors’. To overhaul their brand image and improve their search rankings, our team at Scorpion set them up with a state-of-the-art website that was easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. “The new design is so complete… people can find what they’re looking for, and we’ve gotten compliments across the board,” Maria said.
Bringing Systems Up to Speed

No More Content Complications

Before she found Scorpion, the content management system Maria used every day wasn’t especially manageable. Few people were trained on how it worked, and pushing fresh content to their local community was more difficult than it should be. Our pain-free CMS made sure Mary Washington Healthcare’s potential patients got the information they needed while making life easier for Maria.
Putting Ideas into Action

Providing Support & Increased Capability

One of the aspects that Maria appreciates most about her partnership with Scorpion is the capable, reliable team she works with. In her words: “Some of the more difficult things we want to do with our website, we can solve with our support team at Scorpion. There are so many smart people who want to help you solve your problems and listen to your areas of concern.”

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“Some of the more difficult things we want to do with our website, we can solve with our support team at Scorpion. There are so many smart people who want to help you solve your problems and listen to your areas of concern.” Maria C. Bell Web Media Specialist, Mary Washington Healthcare
Continuing Success

Invaluable Passion & Experience

Maria tells us that having a partner with plenty of healthcare experience gives her a huge advantage when it comes to maximizing the efficiency of her marketing strategy. Drawing on past healthcare experience, we helped Mary Washington Healthcare revamp their entire online presence and set them up to provide the best possible experience to even more patients in their community. According to Maria:

“It’s a big comfort working with Scorpion — the support team is amazing… they’re able to look at solutions they’ve implemented in other places to know which ones worked and which ones haven’t, and having that flexibility and skill at your disposal is monumental.”

Maria, we’re thrilled to have helped make your job a little easier, and we hope Mary Washington Healthcare is able to foster strong relationships with patients for years to come!

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