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More Calls & Higher-Value Jobs for a New Landscaping Business

After working with marketing companies that failed to deliver, the owners of Leafs-U-Green finally figured out how to grow their call volume with Scorpion.

Quick Stat 76% Increase in Revenue Year-Over-Year
The Goal

Trouble Getting the Phone to Ring

Upon teaming up to start a new landscaping company, Leafs-U-Green, Pete Stefanello and Shane Mays had almost everything they needed to build a thriving business. They had decades of experience, industry certifications, and knowledge of how to deliver great customer service—all they were missing was the marketing piece.

So, Pete and Shane hired a web designer to build them a website—but the site failed to bring in new business because it wasn’t getting any traffic. That led them to hire a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to boost their rankings in online search. That specialist assured them they would start generating calls in 6-8 months…but the calls never came. That’s when Pete and Shane buckled down and did their research to find a reputable digital marketing company. That led them to Scorpion.

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The Solution

“Our First Major Investment”

When Pete and Shane decided to partner with our team for their marketing, it was a big step for the company. “The decision to hire Scorpion was really scary—the cost we were going to be paying per year was a lot of money, and it was our first major investment as a new business. Fortunately, it ended up being the right decision because to this day, we get an amazing return on investment from our marketing.”

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Presentation Is Everything

In the landscaping business, presentation is everything. Customers are looking for professionals who can help them beautify their properties. So, when they see a landscaping company with a shoddy website, they equate that to shoddy workmanship...and that’s not good for business. To help Leafs-U-Green create the best first impression possible on potential customers, we built them a modern, professional-looking website that was easy to navigate. We also made sure their site was optimized for search engines so the business would be more visible in search results.
Increased Exposure

Diversified Advertising Strategy

After building a new website for Leafs-U-Green, the next step was to drive potential customers to the site so the company could start booking jobs. To do this, we helped them advertise their services on a variety of digital platforms. This effort included pay-per-click ads on Google and Bing, display ads that appeared on numerous high-traffic sites across the web, and ads on social media sites like Facebook. Additionally, the ads were targeted to specific audiences, so Pete and Shane were able to generate the types of leads they wanted.
Tracking Tools

Increasing Marketing Transparency

In addition to helping Leafs-U-Green build a brand-new digital presence, we were also able to provide Pete and Shane with tools to help them make the best use of their time and resources. This included a digital marketing platform where they could track and rate their leads and check up on the progress of their marketing campaigns. And because the platform allowed them to record each incoming call, this freed them up to talk to customers while they were on the road, since they didn’t have to pull over to write down information.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“The fact that I’m not even thinking about what needs to be done for my marketing on a day-to-day basis is HUGE for me. I know that it’s being handled by Scorpion.” Shane Mays Owner, Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services
Continuing Success

Delivering Results & Peace of Mind

It only took two days for their new website to start generating calls, and the phone has been ringing since. Best of all, these calls are leading to quality jobs. In their first year of working with Scorpion, the highest-value job that came from the Internet was $250,000, compared to their previous record of $118,000. Revenue has increased by 76% each year.

Pete and Shane, thank you for trusting us with your marketing and your business growth. We’re here to make your lives easier!

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Leafs-U-Green Employees at Work

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