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Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC

Netting More Multi-Million-Dollar Divorce Cases

Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr. was working with an unreliable marketing company, and it was costing his firm business. By switching to Scorpion, he was able to attract better cases.

Quick Stat 36% Revenue Growth
The Goal

Tired of Empty Promises

When Dennis R. Ventrano, Jr., Esq. opened his own family law and criminal defense practice in Dutchess County, New York, he had no trouble attracting new cases. After all, he’d spent years working complex cases in both state and federal court and building a sterling reputation. With his success, Dennis eventually expanded his one-man firm by hiring a team of all-star attorneys.

Things were going great—until Dennis realized there was one place where his firm was not excelling in its usual fashion: the Internet. To stay competitive, Dennis hired an Internet marketing company to help with the firm’s online presence. However, that company wasn’t delivering all the services it promised, and Dennis would go months without hearing from his marketing rep. Even worse? The firm was barely getting any new clients...and the clients who were coming in had low-value divorce cases. Ready for a change, Dennis switched over to Scorpion.
Dennis Vetrano in a meeting
The Solution

A Different Experience

We knew Dennis had been let down repeatedly by his previous marketing partner, and we were determined to give him a completely different experience. We wanted to show Dennis that we would not only follow through on our promises, but we would treat him the same way he treated his own clients—with attentive and personalized support. This is the approach we took as we helped the firm rebuild its digital presence.
Online Impression

Legitimizing the Firm

With extensive experience in the field of family law, Dennis knew his prospects spent a good amount of time researching attorneys. And 75% typically had their minds made up before contacting a law firm. So, Dennis had to make sure he was ready with an online presence that made calling his firm a no-brainer. To aid Dennis in this effort, we built his firm a brand-new website that reflected the expertise, professionalism, and passion of his legal team. The colors, imagery, and messaging were all tailored to his brand—and created to resonate with the very people who needed his firm's services.
Targeted Advertising

Reaching a Niche Audience

Dennis and his team had the knowledge and experience needed to handle the most complex types of divorces cases—the cases involving millions of dollars in assets. The only problem was they didn’t have an efficient way of directing their marketing to prospects with that type of money—which meant their caseload was bogged down with general divorce, simple child custody, and other low-value family law cases. To help Dennis and his team reach their most ideal prospective clients, we launched ads on search engines and social media sites that targeted high-income individuals in the local area.
Blog Strategy

Building Trust with Engaging Content

When someone has a question about a divorce or any family law issue, the first place they usually turn to is a search engine. That meant Dennis had to be present online and ready to deliver valuable information if he wanted to be seen as an authority in his field. To help Dennis serve as a resource to potential clients, we worked with his team to create blog posts on a variety of family law-related topics. We effectively demonstrated the firm's expertise to build familiarity and trust.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in both the volume and quality of cases we attract since hiring Scorpion. My marketing team has not only been responsive, but they have delivered everything they promised and more.” Dennis Vetrano Founder, Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC
Continuing Success

A Total Transformation with the Right Partner

Upon changing his digital strategy, Dennis was able to achieve amazing results for his practice. Now that the Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr. partners with Scorpion, 25% of the firm’s caseload is made up of high-asset divorce cases (compared to 0% previously), and the firm has seen a minimum of 20% revenue growth each year for the past five years, even reaching 36% revenue growth in the first quarter of 2019. The firm has also doubled the size of its staff during that time. According to Dennis, he’s seen a “total transformation” in his business and in the level of customer service he receives.

Dennis, we would never dream of giving you anything less than what you deserve. Thank you for allowing us to work with your firm!

Dennis Vetrano in his office

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