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Jupiter Medical Center

Driving a Not-for-Profit Medical Center to New Heights

Jupiter Medical Center was well respected in their service area, but they needed an effective way to increase their online exposure. That’s when Scorpion came into the picture.

Quick Stat 411% Increase in Web-Driven Prospects
The Goal

Needing a Boost in Online Exposure

With more than 39 years of healthcare service to the South Florida community, Jupiter Medical Center was a fixture within the region. However, as a one-woman marketing department, Digital Marketing & Consumerism Manager Jennifer Crabtree found it challenging to bring the changes necessary to grow the hospital’s online presence with very limited resources. Wanting to reach new audience demographics and improve campaign efficiency, she decided to partner with Scorpion to redesign the look of Jupiter Medical Center, and its marketing strategy.
Jupiter Health center
The Solution

Exposure & Impact

We knew it would take a powerful combination of the right messaging, an engaging and functional website, and strategic marketing efforts to maximize Jupiter Medical Center’s brand and impact. We took to heart the organization’s commitment to helping patients in their community, matching their commitment to making a real difference.
Cutting-Edge Web Design

Aesthetics, Messaging & Functionality

First, we kicked off a full website redesign. This was an integral part of our strategy to make Jupiter Medical Center's visual identity match its commitment to excellence. Our designers, writers, and techs completely changed the site’s look, feel, and function. We also began implementing a blog content strategy to drive more of the right traffic to their newly designed site.
Paid Campaign Efforts

Targeting the Right Patients

We knew we needed to get Jupiter Medical Center in front of the people who needed their care. We launched various types of targeted digital ad campaigns, including pay-per-click (PPC), display, and social media advertising. The campaigns were geared toward driving more prospective patients to various service lines within the hospital, to ensure they could find what they were looking for.
Data Tracking

Complete Transparency. Easy Tracking.

For a medical center like Jupiter, transparency and ease of use are of paramount importance when it comes to tracking and managing marketing performance. With our digital marketing dashboard, Jennifer had what she needed to stay on top of everything, along with our team’s complete support.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

Facing a Bright Future

Within 7 months of partnering with Scorpion, Jupiter Medical Center’s online outreach efforts had quadrupled their prospective patient lead acquisition—and the effects weren’t just limited to leads. Their desires to expand their online presence were realized with a dramatic spike in social media following and engagement.

While Jupiter Medical Center had once felt constrained in its ability to connect with potential patients, they have since been able to achieve a 140% increase in new followers as well as a 127% audience reach in less than a year. They’ve gained the support—and results—they’ve been seeking.

Jennifer, we truly enjoy working with you. We're all in when it comes to taking Jupiter Medical Center further!

Patient with doctor at Jupiter center

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