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Johnson Kraeuter, LLC

Friendship, BBQ & Marketing: Becoming One of Georgia’s Elite Family Law Practices

When an in-court rivalry turned into a friendship, attorneys Paul Johnson and Scot Kraeuter teamed up to build an elite family law practice—with a little help from Scorpion.

The Goal

A Rivalry Turned Partnership

Not many law firms can trace their roots to a passion for barbecue, but then again, not many have the character, charisma, and personality of Johnson Kraeuter, LLC’s managing partners: Paul Johnson and Scot Kraeuter. These two former in-court rivals became lifelong friends and business partners thanks to countless plates of slow-cooked meat at some of Georgia’s finest hole-in-the-wall barbecue joints.

Of course, barbecue and friendship alone can’t make an upstart family law practice one of the best in a state with more than 10 million people. To earn their reputation as one of Georgia’s top firms, Paul and Scot needed to find a way to find the right clients and cases. That’s when they came to Scorpion.

Paul Johnson, Co-Founding Partner
The Solution

A Different Kind of Practice

With Johnson Kraeuter, we saw an opportunity to build an Internet presence and marketing strategy that were as unique as the firm itself. Our experts got to work providing Paul and Scot with the tools they needed to succeed in a tough and competitive market. We saw the results right away. Paul and Scot had this to say: “Whatever you guys are doing, it’s working...and it’s working in a BIG way.”
A New Approach

On-Demand Attorneys

Johnson Kraeuter started out with a “lean and mean” operation of just three attorneys and three support staff. When the practice took off and there was more work than three in-house attorneys could handle, they decided to do things a little differently. Instead of hiring a fourth full-time attorney, Paul and Scot decided to build a pool of reputable, on-demand attorneys who had impressive track records of success in the courtroom and were interested in working a limited number of hours and cases in a given year. So, our team at Scorpion got to work creating a presence and strategy that would support the idea of part-time attorneys working remotely.
Advertising & Design

Targeting High-Profile Clients

In the area of family law, not all cases present the same opportunity. To be considered elite—and to become one of the most-recognized practices in Georgia—Paul and Scot needed savvy marketing campaigns that would reach people living in Savannah's most exclusive zip codes. Moreover, they’d need a world-class website, with design elements and messaging that delivered comfort, reassurance, and confidence to potential clients searching the Internet for highly-reputable family attorneys. We created a visual identity that matched Johnson Kraeuter’s level of service and campaigns that targeted the high-asset, complex property, alimony, and child custody cases the firm needed.
Integration & Reporting

Improved Predictability

Johnson Kraeuter needed the type of reporting that would improve predictability for their “on-demand” attorneys. We devised a way to automatically feed newly acquired client leads directly into the firm’s preferred customer relationship management (CRM) tool. With this type of lead tracking, Paul and Scot could easily project how busy the firm would be three or four weeks into the future, freeing them up to plan and divert resources accordingly. “You’re giving us the ability to go cradle to the grave with our leads,” said Paul and Scot. “It’s the kind of tracking we’ve always wanted but never had."

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“You’ve helped us become the largest family law firm outside of Atlanta—there’s rarely a large case that we don’t have a hand in. We can’t thank you enough for the role you’ve played in creating that reputation and growth.” Paul Johnson & Scot Kraeuter Managing Partners, Johnson Kraeuter, LLC
Continuing Success

More Predictability & Better Results

Since partnering with Scorpion, Johnson Kraeuter has benefited from more clients, more leads, and more predictability. Their business model is holding strong, and they have the freedom to focus more time and energy on their clients with the knowledge that their marketing needs are fully taken care of by a team dedicated to their needs and success. Johnson Kraeuter is recognized as an elite family law practice in Georgia and has been consistently honored by U.S. News & World Report as a “Best Law Firm.”
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