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Houma Family Dental

Helping a Local Practice

Since revamping their digital marketing with the help of Scorpion, Houma Family Dental has seen thousands of leads, over 800 new patients, and a 30% increase in organic users.

The Goal

Finding the Right Partner

Houma Family Dental has been serving the Houma, Louisiana community since 2003. Despite switching owners over the years, the practice has consistently dedicated itself to providing quality service and treating every patient like family. It’s staffed by a close-knit team that long relied on word-of-mouth to generate new business. But after moving to a larger office space in 2019 and noticing that the local marketplace was getting increasingly competitive, the folks at Houma Family Dental realized that word-of-mouth was no longer enough to meet their long-term growth goals.

The search began for a reliable digital marketing partner who they could trust to get results. After working with various agencies, the team couldn’t find the right fit. It seemed that most of the companies they worked with failed to deliver and communicated poorly.

After a few years, Houma Family Dental was looking for a new partner...and that’s when they first heard about Scorpion.

Houma Family Dental
The Solution

Updated Marketing for a Growing Practice

In their new location, Houma Family Dental was looking to make its presence known—and to reinvent their brand to better suit the state-of-the-art facility they now called home. And while the goal was to advance and grow the practice, it was vital that any new marketing conveyed the small town, mom-and-pop sensibility that has defined Houma Family Dental since its founding.

The Scorpion team took this challenge seriously, and the results far exceeded anything any previous marketing partner had been able to offer.
A New Website

Standing Out From the Rest

The first order of business was to redesign the Houma Family Dental website. Whereas the agencies they had worked with previously built them generic websites, Scorpion aimed to put Houma’s unique character and mission front-and-center. The end result was a unique website capable of drawing in interested patients and distinguishing itself from competitors.
Better Data

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Right away, Scorpion helped remove much of the guesswork that had previously defined the practice’s advertising efforts. With the resources provided—including Google analytics data—the Houma Family Dental team learned precisely which ads worked and which ones didn’t. This cutting-edge digital infrastructure quickly allowed for a more cost-effective and measurable marketing strategy.
Dependable Customer Service

Growing with the Support of a Partner

Poor communication was the hallmark of the other marketing agencies that had worked with Houma Family Dental. But once they switched over, the Scorpion difference was immediately noticeable. With round-the-clock technical support and frequent regular check-ins, the Houma team finally had a partner who gave them the detail-oriented, personal attention they needed to thrive.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“With the data we now get, we can see the difference between referrals and digital marketing. We have a complete view of our business, which helps us make better-informed decisions. We’re not guessing, and we’re not trying anything that we’re unsure about. It’s been two years since we partnered with Scorpion, and we haven’t looked back since.” Brandie Toups Business Manager, Houma Family Dental
Continuing Success

A Partnership to Build On

In the time that they’ve worked with Scorpion, Houma Family Dental has seen results that far outpace anything that came from their past marketing partners. They increased their organic users by over 30% through better SEO practices, and their paid advertising campaign generated more than 800 new patients between September and December of 2020. They also saw over 1,000 new leads during that same period, helping the practice thrive even during challenging months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Houma Family Dental continues to grow, Scorpion will continue to build and refine its digital presence to keep pace with the demands of its local marketplace.

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