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Homewatch CareGivers

Getting Better Results with a Single Marketing Partner

When Homewatch CareGivers was acquired by Authority Brands, they transitioned to Scorpion for their digital marketing—and experienced growth without the hassle of multiple vendors.

Quick Stat 34,691 New Website Visitors in 22 Months
The Goal

Seeing Acquisition as a New Opportunity

When Yona Smith was hired to manage franchise development marketing at Homewatch CareGivers in 2011, she knew she was entering a fast-paced environment (after all, Homewatch was a growing at-home care provider with a footprint in the United States, Canada, and Latin America). But in 2017, a new development was thrown into the mix—one that required Yona to be ready to adapt more than ever before.

Homewatch CareGivers International was acquired by Authority Brands, LLC. With the acquisition came many changes, including the switch to a new marketing partner: Scorpion. While a change of this magnitude is always a challenge, Yona saw it as an opportunity. She set out to use the new resources available to her to grow Homewatch CareGivers, expanding the brand and adding locations.

According to Yona: “My focus has always been on quality over quantity of franchise candidates—only after we get the quality piece right can we begin to think about increasing quantity. When we started working with Scorpion, that was my goal.”

Homewatch CareGiver
The Solution

Exceeding Expectations

As our team at Scorpion took over Homewatch CareGiver’s digital marketing, we focused on getting better web traffic and increasing campaign efficiency. The transition was challenging, but we applied our franchise development marketing expertise to make the type of meaningful changes that would yield real results. “Although it took a lot of work, it turned out to be a great move and exceeded all my expectations,” said Yona of Homewatch CareGiver’s new partnership with Scorpion.
Traffic & Visibility

Building a Better Online Presence

In Yona’s eyes, improving the quality of the Homewatch CareGivers brand started with making an improvement to their website. After all, this is most potential franchisees’ first impression of the company. So, we created an aesthetic and functional site that stood out among competitors and created a more appealing user experience. “Our previous website was built by a different development team,” said Yona. “Your team took our website and turned it into a robust online resource for our business—the traffic and visibility have never been better.”
Industry-Leading Technology

No Guesswork. Total Transparency.

Prior to Scorpion, Yona relied on tools like Google Analytics to gain insight into the health and success of her various marketing campaigns. While these could give Yona the information she needed, they were cumbersome and difficult to use. We provided Homewatch with our industry-leading technology and a dashboard that put everything Yona needed in one place. Yona was extremely pleased with the results. “Your dashboard makes things SO much easier. There’s no guesswork and I have total transparency.” Finally, she could quickly and easily monitor and manage leads, lead sources, and advertising campaigns.
Customer Service & Support

Everything in One Place

Yona’s responsibilities used to require communication and coordination with different people working for various third-party vendors. Now, she gets all the services and support she needs from a single partner. “You consolidate so many vendors into one, it’s incredible,” said Yona. “I get to work with one point of contact for, leads, web design, you name it. It’s all a part of your package. Scorpion is really a one-stop-shop that makes life easier for franchise marketers."

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

Total Trust

By partnering with Scorpion and consolidating multiple third-party vendors into a single marketing partner who could do it all, Homewatch CareGivers has experienced significant results: 59,303 site visitors (including 34,691 new visitors) and 1,303 leads in the past 22 months.

According to Yona, “I have total visibility into our traffic and our’re constantly improving our paid campaigns...I can just give my marketing team an idea or new data point and say, ‘Tell me what you think we should do.’ That’s the kind of faith I have in Scorpion at this point. I really trust you.”

Yona, we couldn’t be happier that we’ve built this level of trust with you. Here’s to helping Homewatch CareGivers achieve even more success in the future!

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