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Fox Valley Orthopedics

Finding a Better Way to Reach Patients & Stand out as a Leader in Orthopedic Care

Fox Valley Orthopedics had history in their community, but that wasn’t enough to give them the competitive edge they needed. Scorpion helped the group practice step up their marketing and their local image.

The Goal

An Established Practice Staying Visible in the Community

Fox Valley Orthopedics is a group practice and in-house surgery center that has been serving patients in Geneva and Elgin, Illinois for more than 45 years. At one point, the leadership at Fox Valley Orthopedics realized they needed a better way to keep the practice digitally visible to their potential patients.

Despite their long-standing presence in their community and their great reputation, Fox Valley Orthopedics still had to compete with other providers in the area, and it was important for local residents to know about their surgical center and orthopedic urgent care services. The practice also needed an easier way to track the results of their digital marketing efforts, as they had no idea how their online presence was contributing to their patient volume. That’s when they started looking for a new marketing partner.

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The Solution

Searching for a Partner with Right Resources & Plan

Lysette Pullman, Marketing Specialist at Fox Valley Orthopedics, said she and her team decided to work with Scorpion after carefully vetting a number of different options. Not only did our company have the breadth of services, expertise, and technology the practice needed to sharpen their competitive edge, but we also presented a clear roadmap for helping them achieve their goals. As soon as Fox Valley Orthopedics signed on with us, we helped them build a brand-new website and set up a full-funnel marketing strategy. From their website's search engine optimization strategy to their social media presence, this meant that each of their marketing tactics worked together seamlessly and their focus could easily be shifted to the most effective channels.
Smarter Planning

A More Holistic & Strategic Approach

With their previous marketing company, Fox Valley Orthopedics were investing in their online presence, but they lacked an overarching strategy that made all the pieces work together like a well-oiled machine. The practice had a website, but they had no idea if it was optimized properly for search engines or what kind of traffic they were getting. They were posting blog content, but there was no rhyme or reason to which topics they wrote about and when. In contrast, Scorpion came in from the start with a high-quality website supported by data, a clear content marketing plan that aligned with patient trends, and digital advertising that put the practice in front of the right types of patients at the right time online.
Complete Transparency

Tools for Tracking Marketing Outcomes

Prior to Scorpion, the team at Fox Valley Orthopedics didn’t have an easy way to access their website analytics. So, it was a breath of fresh air when they signed on with us and were able to log into their own reporting dashboard to see exactly how their website and online campaigns are performing. “ I now have a dashboard where I can see who is visiting our website, where they came from, and what they’re looking at,” Lysette said. “Now, I’m able to see that Mondays are the best days of the week for us — our highest-traffic day. And if I’m running an ad in a newspaper or on social media and I see an uptick on my dashboard, I can tell that ad is working. I can even see which physicians are trending!”
Responsiveness & Speed

Fast Action in a Time of Crisis

With Fox Valley Orthopedics’ site launching right before the outbreak of COVID-19, the group practice had to be ready to immediately switch gears in their marketing and business strategy. Fortunately, by then, they had the support of a highly responsive marketing team to help them restrategize their efforts and move quickly in executing their plan. According to Lysette: “Everybody on the Scorpion team has risen to that challenge — getting out our message about how we’re helping patients during COVID-19, changing things on our website to reflect that message, etc., and the changes usually happen within 24 hours. Their responsiveness has been critical.”

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“I look at you guys as an arm to our marketing… I’m a one-person marketing team, and there are a million directions I have to go in on any given day, so it’s huge to know that our website (which I consider to be the center of our marketing) is taken care of. I can just use it as a tool, and I don’t have to worry about it.” Lysette Pullman Marketing Specialist, Fox Valley Orthopedics
Continuing Success

Leaders in Local Orthopedic Care

Now that Fox Valley Orthopedics has a more robust digital strategy, they’re able to position themselves as true leaders in orthopedic care within their local community. Lysette says they have been especially successful at leveraging their blog content and social media presence to keep the patient community informed and raise awareness of the practice’s services. According to Lyssette:

“We definitely have a huge bump of people seeing and engaging with our posts on social media. One post we shared on warm-up exercises has reached 5,436 people and has 229 likes on Facebook. We’ve never had anything that high before we started working with Scorpion.”

Lysette, we’re so excited about the momentum Fox Valley Orthopedics has been building, and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for your practice. Thank you for choosing us as your partner!

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