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Helping a Criminal Attorney Flourish as a Solo Practitioner

Attorney Dustyn Coontz made the decision to start his own practice with little more than a passion for justice and the determination to succeed. With Scorpion, he found the help he needed to grow.

Quick Stat 47% Lead-to-Client Conversion Rate
Before Scorpion

Starting from Scratch

When attorney Dustyn Coontz moved to Lansing, Michigan to start his own criminal defense practice, he had his wife’s blessing, a passion for defending civil liberties, and a refined understanding of state and federal law. What he lacked was experience with the marketing side of things.

Dustyn had the goal of establishing a thriving firm, but he wanted to be able to focus on practicing law, not marketing. He tried relying on word-of-mouth referrals, and while he met with some success in this, he wasn’t seeing any real growth. Dustyn knew he’d need to enlist the help of an experienced marketing partner or he’d never be able to achieve the type of success he wanted for his career—and to support his family.

So, Dustyn came to Scorpion.

Dustyn Coontz
With Scorpion

The Right Decision

Dustyn faced challenges starting out on his own, but our team knew how to overcome all of these. We built a website that reflected Dustyn’s professionalism and passion for defending the accused. We used strategically-placed ads, real-time marketing insights, and industry-leading technology to help Coontz Law attract more clients and cases. Best of all, we gave Dustyn the support he needed to flourish. He had this to say about our partnership: “If I didn’t have Scorpion, I think I’d be seriously doubting that I made the right decision to go out on my own.”

Experience Counts

The last thing Dustyn needed was to waste time evaluating dozens of different marketing firms before making a decision—he wanted to start working with the best partner out there as quickly as possible. To that end, he looked at some of the biggest names in consumer-facing law to see who did their marketing. After discovering we worked with Geoffrey Nels Fieger and Goodman Acker, Dustyn knew he’d found a reputable team of legal marketing experts he could invest in with confidence. “I figured if Scorpion was good enough for those guys, it was going to be good enough for me,” he said.

Quality Traffic & Leads

Today, people turn to the Internet for virtually everything. If they’re facing criminal charges, they’ll look online to learn about the risks they’re facing and to find an attorney who can help. We worked quickly to make sure Coontz Law had the right website and could be found by the people who needed Dustyn’s help. We used search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted digital advertising to seek the cases he wanted: drug crimes and gun-related offenses. Not only did Coontz Law see a 60% increase in keyword rankings in search results, but the quality of leads Dustyn got was spot on, amounting to an astonishing 47% lead-to-client conversion rate.

Complete Transparency

Diversification, monitoring, and updates are essential for a digital marketing campaign to succeed. With our proprietary systems and technology, Dustyn has complete access to his campaign data at all times. He can examine performance and measure ROI whenever he wants, and he has his own team of marketing experts to manage his campaigns and address his needs at all times. “I don’t have to guess on my ROI because I can see it at any time,” Dustyn said. “Working with Scorpion is simply the best decision I could have possibly made for my practice—I don’t even know what the alternative would be. "

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“If you want to grow, you have to work with a partner who can put you directly in front of the people who need your legal help the most, and no one does that like Scorpion." Dustyn Coontz Attorney, Coontz Law
Continuing Success

Making Doubt a Distant Memory

Since partnering with Scorpion, Coontz Law has experienced more leads, more revenue, and more growth. Dustyn no longer doubts his decision to open his own practice, and he sees nothing but opportunity in the future.

Dustyn Coontz

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