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Cody Regional Health

Real, Trackable Results with the Right Team & Technology

Ashley Trudo, Marketing Director of Cody Regional Health, struggled to track and measure results for senior leadership. Then she found Scorpion and saw clear, measurable success.

Quick Stat 150 New Patients in 12 Months
The Goal

Competing Against Larger Health Systems

Since it was founded more than 75 years ago, Cody Regional Health has expanded from a small, single-location hospital to a healthcare system with more than 7 facilities serving all of Northwest Wyoming. Despite the fact that they had reached an impressive size and scope as a rural-access healthcare system, Cody Regional Health was still struggling to appeal to the patients in their local community. They started losing patients to larger competitors in Northwest Wyoming.

Realizing that something had to change, Marketing Director Ashley Trudo decided to find a partner who could help the organization capture more of their local patient market share.

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The Solution

Better Technology. Improved Strategy. Complete Support.

Ashley came to Scorpion with three primary goals: to appeal to more residents in Northwest Wyoming, to capture clear and irrefutable evidence of positive ROI for senior leadership, and to be more efficient and effective in marketing their health system. Our team got started, using industry-leading technology and the expertise of our marketing team, designers, analysts, and writers to deliver on every level.

The Right Marketing System

Effective & User-Friendly Technology

One of Cody Regional Health’s biggest limitations was the fact that they didn’t have an easy way to collect, break down, and understand critical sets of marketing data. Without this, they were not able to see how local residents were engaging with their healthcare system online, let alone how they could improve that engagement. To solve this, we provided Cody Regional Health with technology that offered improved data tracking and easy-to-understand marketing analytics. Ashley saw results as we worked to effectively position Cody Regional Health against its competitors on the Internet. She had this to say: “This relationship has helped us save time and make more money—you’re the reason we can compete with larger health systems.”

Proof of ROI

Visible Results for Senior Leadership

Ashley also faced the problem of establishing clear evidence of ROI for senior leadership. To cement the importance of marketing for Cody Regional Health (and justify her department’s budget), we gave Ashley the information she needed to present the executive team with irrefutable campaign results in the form of new patients, net revenue, and an improved reputation in the community, validating the health system’s current—and continued—investment in marketing.
Personal Service & Accessibility

A Partner Who's More Than a Vendor

With only herself and a part-time employee, Ashley spent many weeks working between 75 and 80 hours, using much of that time to create marketing materials, liaise between different departments, manage bulky campaigns, and consistently update the CFO. Knowing this was unsustainable and inefficient, Ashley turned to Scorpion as a partner ready to act less like a vendor and more like an extension of Cody Regional Health. We were there whenever she needed, finally freeing her up to focus on her other duties.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“You’ve really become an extension of our marketing team. You’re so professional and so efficient that I can go to you 24/7 with confidence knowing that you’ll have my back." Ashley Trudo Marketing Director, Cody Regional Health
Continuing Success

An Extension of the Team

Since partnering with Scorpion, Cody Regional Health has attracted more orthopedic patients and more walk-ins to its urgent care clinic. A single orthopedic campaign generated 51 new patients and over $122k in net profit. Cardiology is the next focus. Now, Cody Regional Health is actually competing against larger health systems—and winning.

Ashley, we’re so proud to be a trusted partner, and we’ll be here for whatever you need—now and into the future!

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