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Braces By Dr. Ruth

Amplifying an Orthodontic Practice’s One-of-a-Kind Brand

With the right online presence built by Scorpion, Braces by Dr. Ruth was able to draw more attention to its fun, community-focused practice, which increased patient volume.

Quick Stat 15% Increase in Patients & Revenue
The Goal

An Established Practice Needing More Exposure

In 2000, Dr. Ruth Edmonds opened her own boutique orthodontic practice, Braces by Dr. Ruth, in Nashville, Tennessee. Knowing she wanted her office to stand out, she was intentional about building a strong culture and brand for her practice. To make patients feel welcome, Dr. Ruth set up her office with vibrant colors and artistic decor, and she made sure her staff knew everyone by name. She created a token system to incentivize teens visiting her office to engage in healthy oral care habits. She even held an annual T-shirt design contest in her community.

The result? Just about everyone who heard the name Braces by Dr. Ruth was left with a positive impression. The only problem was that not enough people in Nashville were aware of the practice. Realizing there was unmet potential for bringing more new patients through the door, Dr. Ruth partnered with Scorpion to make her brand more visible online.

Braces by Dr. Ruth's Office
The Solution

Looking for a Reliable Marketing Partner

Prior to signing with Scorpion, Dr. Ruth worked with a number of different website companies. It seemed that every time she hired a company to build her a website, the site quickly became obsolete and she’d have to find someone else to take over. While Dr. Ruth liked the design or her most recent website, it wasn’t mobile-friendly, and it wasn’t as visible in search engines as she wanted it to be. When we brought Dr. Ruth onboard, we got straight to work to improve her website and her online visibility so her practice could benefit from the exposure it deserved.
Easier to Find in Search

Increased Visibility

In the words of Dr. Ruth, “You can have all the bells and whistles on your website, but if nobody sees them, they’re pointless.” To ensure Braces by Dr. Ruth was actually being seen by potential patients, we took a number of steps to improve the practice’s online visibility. We made the practice’s website compatible with mobile devices (which is a major ranking factor by search engines), we optimized the site’s content so it could show up in searches for terms like “Nashville orthodontist,” and we ran ads that appeared when prospective patients searched for the practice by name. With these practices still in play today, Braces by Dr. Ruth is finally able to go from being a trusted practice in its local community to becoming a more well-known and trusted practice.
Proactive Approach

Keeping the Practice Competitive Online

One of the biggest issues Dr. Ruth had with her previous marketing companies was that they took a “set it and forget it” approach. They would build her a website, but they weren’t proactive about keeping that site up to speed with the latest Internet best practices. In serving as Dr. Ruth’s current marketing partner, our team uses a different approach. We continually work to improve the website that we built for Braces by Dr. Ruth, taking steps to refresh its design and content on an ongoing basis, and ensuring the practice’s online business listings across the Internet up-to-date.
Data Transparency

Seeing Which Leads Become Patients

In addition to hands-on support, Dr. Ruth has also gained another key benefit from her partnership with Scorpion—the ability to keep close tabs on the results of her digital marketing. “Scorpion’s reporting is insane,” she said. “It’s so thorough. We can tell which prospective patients actually followed up and decided to start treatment.” Now Dr. Ruth doesn’t have to worry if her investment into her online presence is actually paying off.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“We are up by 15% in patient volume and revenue. We always thought we had busy days, but now we have busy full days, and it’s every day. The busyness factor for our practice really reared its head this year.” Dr. Ruth Edmonds Owner, Braces By Dr. Ruth
Continuing Success

More Patients & Constant Support

With an improved digital strategy, Braces by Dr. Ruth now consistently ranks higher in organic search, making it one of the more visible Nashville orthodontic practices online. And the result has been high-quality leads and new patients. 

However, business growth is only part of what keeps Dr. Ruth working with Scorpion. According to Dr. Ruth, “They’re always working behind the scenes and thinking of new strategies we can use to attract more patients from the Internet.”

Dr. Ruth, you have done such an amazing job creating a truly unique orthodontic practice, and we’re happy to help you grow!

Dr. Ruth and a few members of her team

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