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Bird Family Insulation

Building a Business on Selflessness & Faith

Bob Bird put everything he had into his insulation company to support his family, but he needed an online presence that matched his commitment. That’s when he found Scorpion.

Before Scorpion

Struggling Online

According to Bob Bird, Owner of Bird Family Insulation, “If you really want to know the secret to our success as a business, it’s two things: selflessness and faith. That’s it. That’s the magic formula.”

Bob built his insulation company from the ground up, and he did so while helping people. His quality of work and honesty sold new customers on his services and brought in word-of-mouth referrals. Even though it required constant work, Bob was building a successful business. Things were looking up—until a change to Google’s search algorithm brought everything to a standstill.

“The calls went away, and it felt like they went away overnight,” Bob explained. “I tried to fix the problem myself, but the truth is I just didn’t know what I was doing anymore. The Internet had changed so much that I was completely overwhelmed.”

Bob Bird
With Scorpion

A Complete Overhaul

With Bird Family Insulation, it was going to take a complete overhaul of their website and digital marketing strategy. According to Bob, “We needed to modernize our website for Google search...We needed a website that looked good on an iPhone...We needed to create Google Ad campaigns...We flat out needed help.” Our team at Scorpion got to work.
Web Design & Messaging

The Right Website

Bob needed a new website, and we made this our first priority. Our designers and developers created an easy-to-navigate site that included the type of colors, fonts, and imagery that would convey the right feeling to visitors. Our writers created thoughtful messaging that communicated Bird Family Insulation’s experience, quality of work, and commitment to customer service. This new visual identity displayed the company for what it is: a work of selflessness and faith.
Search Engine Optimization

Getting More Leads

By building out their website with informative content and the right keywords and structure, in compliance with Google and other search engines’ best practices, we drastically improved Bird Family Insulation’s rankings in the areas they serve. The company’s average ranking is on page one of search engines like Google and Bing. Organic rankings and paid advertising have brought in a steady stream of high-quality traffic and leads, totaling an average of 1,794 visitors and 118 leads per month in the last 34 months.
Customer Service & Support

A Team of Their Own

From the very first phone call,” explains Bob, “I could tell you guys do your jobs with joy. Your availability, your attention to detail, your customer couldn’t do those things well if you didn’t do your job with joy. That’s why I decided to hire you.” As a self-described “high-maintenance” client, Bob understood the importance of working with a marketing partner that could not only deliver results for Bird Family Insulation but accommodate his hungry, hands-on approach to running the business. That’s why Bob has his own team at Scorpion, monitoring and managing his marketing campaigns and there to provide support whenever he needs it.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“If you really commit to helping people, you’ll always find success—that’s why Scorpion has been able to accomplish so much. If anyone out there is looking to give their business a leg up, they’ve got to partner with Scorpion.” Bob Bird Owner, Bird Family Insulation
Continuing Success

A Commitment to Helping

Since partnering with Scorpion, Bird Family Insulation has benefited from better rankings, better leads, and better jobs. They’re meeting and beating revenue goals.

Bob, we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to find success together. We’re looking forward to many more years of wins!

Bird Family Insulation Technician

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