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American Family Care

An Urgent Care Franchise Poised for Rapid Expansion

American Family Care had a plan to achieve 312% growth in 48 months. They turned to Scorpion as a partner who could match their determination and make it happen.

Quick Stat 3X Growth in 4 Years
Before Scorpion

Poised for Rapid Expansion

For years, American Family Care (AFC)—one of America’s most well-known urgent care franchises—focused on traditional marketing: regional television commercials, billboards, and ads in the Yellow Pages and in local newspapers. But over time, the marketing landscape began to change, and consumers increasingly started looking for healthcare providers using a non-traditional medium that AFC had never explicitly focused on: the Internet.

AFC hired Catherine “Cat” Sartin to develop a digital marketing program that would support more than 150 facilities across 26 states. Cat knew she needed a national marketing partner who could address current needs and keep up with AFC’s plans for rapid expansion.

She turned to our team at Scorpion.

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With Scorpion

“Scorpion Climbed to the Top of Our List”

Cat had a difficult task ahead of her. She knew AFC’s new marketing partner would need to have the expertise, resources, and drive to help the franchise accomplish its lofty goals: growing from 160 to 200 clinics by 2018, and 200 to 500 clinics by 2020.

In Scorpion, she found an adaptable partner with a history of partnering with healthcare franchises, capable of promoting brand alignment between the AFC-owned and franchisee-owned clinics, while also keeping pace with AFC’s aggressive goals for expansion.

According to Cat, “Scorpion climbed to the top of our list when we witnessed their dedication to supporting our franchisees.”

Focused Experience

An Understanding of Both Franchise & Healthcare

There are plenty of marketing companies with experience in the franchise industry, and plenty of vendors with experience in the healthcare industry. Finding a partner familiar with the nuances of both industries is rare. To ensure continued growth for AFC, Cat conducted a 9-month RFP process, evaluating 15 best-in-class partners before settling on one with a robust skill set and a proven history of success working in both the healthcare and franchise industries. Scorpion was the clear choice. “Scorpion’s RFP was unique,” said Cat, “because they had experience in both the healthcare and franchise industries and a crystal-clear understanding of the consumer experience.”
A Conversion-First Website

Attracting New Patients

While AFC had a website that was modern, attractive, and easy to navigate, it served mainly as a resource for patient education, defining “urgent care” and AFC’s various service offerings. Cat and Scorpion took a different approach, on the knowledge that patients had an increased familiarity with practices and offerings of urgent care. We took a more “conversion-first” approach by connecting patients to the services they’re looking for as quickly as possible. The results were significant, and Cat had this to say: “We are already hearing success stories of franchisees who attribute the growth they've seen in the past few months, solely to our relationship with Scorpion.”
Customer Service

Unmatched Service & Support

In every successful marketing partnership, communication and responsiveness are non-negotiables; if they’re missing, the relationship will wither and die. Knowing this, we sought to provide Cat and the entire AFC family with the type of service and support that would position us as an extension of their corporate arm. We worked with Cat to generate franchisee buy-in, helping individual proprietors get aligned with corporate goals for growth and expansion. Cat’s team at Scorpion was always ready to jump on every issue.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

Clear Patient Attribution & Growth

AFC’s partnership with Scorpion has yielded outstanding results. They’ve accomplished their goals of opening 000 new clinics across the US, but they’re nowhere near stopping. They’ll continue to expand and bring the trusted AFC name to patients across the country who need urgent care.

“It’s refreshing to have a resource like Scorpion with experts who can guide us and are willing to work with our partners to create the most effective ecosystem for achieving our vision.”

- Cat Sartin, Healthcare Strategy Director, AFC

Cat, it has been exciting and rewarding to work with you to accomplish AFC’s expansion goals. Here’s to taking it even further!

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