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“At Scorpion, we are not interested in short-term SEO tricks because they deliver short-term results. Instead, we provide long-term SEO solutions that provide real results and real value.” - Megan Ramirez, V.P. of SEO

Getting traction for your business on the Internet takes more than simply owning a website. You’re competing with thousands of competitors in millions of searches for a tiny bit of real estate: the top spot of the search engine results page (SERP). Getting found isn’t just the issue either—around 70% of your potential customers are only looking at the first 5 results they receive! When it comes to search engines and your business’ revenue, ranking matters. Being on the second page instead of the first page could mean the difference between barely surviving and thriving.

That’s where our search engine optimization consultants come in. We speak the same language as the major search engines like Google. Scorpion’s SEO experts know what search engines value, and we make sure your site has everything that both users and engine algorithms are looking for.

Our SEO company helps make sure search engines rank your business higher by:

  • Writing professional, easy to read, and useful content
  • Properly coding websites to be search engine friendly
  • Naturally gaining valuable backlinks on an ongoing basis
  • Making frequent and valuable updates to a website
  • Promoting your business on social media networks
  • Cleaning up and maintaining your online footprint
  • Taking a clean and ultimately "white hat" approach

Local SEO Company: Rise Above the Competition

For many of our clients, one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle is ranking for local keywords. The local SEO environment can be extremely competitive—and with only a few spots available for ranking in the maps, it can be difficult to rise above the competition. That’s where we come in. Our Local SEO Specialists are intimately familiar with what it takes to rank for valuable local keywords, and we can work alongside you to see that you do. From helping promote your business online for more reviews to ensuring that your online footprint is clean and consistent, we can do it all.

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Scorpion is committed to being the best marketing company in the world by providing world-class services, products, and attitude. With our competitive spirit and dedication to your goals, we make success fun again!

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Honing in on Your Critical Keywords

The key to our strategy is understanding what your business wants.

Scorpion wants you to rank for the searches that actually matter—so we don’t waste time optimizing your website and reporting on keywords that sound good but don’t drive the right kind of traffic. Instead, we take the time to understand the search engine landscape as it relates to your business. We then make recommendations on keywords that get you in front of the right people at the right time in their searching and buying cycle. From there, our SEO experts can create a well-honed and effective campaign to go after those specific traffic- and business-driving keywords.

Fighting for the Highest Ranks

Scorpion thrives on a competitive spirit. Mediocre is simply not good enough—for us or for you. We want your business to succeed through legitimate and ethical tactics that work. We don’t rely on spam, “fooling” search engines, or other underhanded measures.

Our SEO consultants combine passion with skill and hard work to create websites that rank honestly and consistently. More importantly, we make sure you get seen by the clients who need you most.

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“Your ongoing efforts to market my firm through the website and get me more exposure online are really paying off. I can honestly say, without the website and marketing efforts of Scorpion, I literally wouldn't do half of the business I do”

- Nelson Knight, Knight Law Office What Our Clients Say About Us

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