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Enable Exclusive Yelp Advertising Capabilities and Tools with Scorpion

For companies looking to grow and acquire new customers, online review sites have quickly become an essential part of every digital marketing strategy. With its tremendous reach and large number of users, Yelp is the perfect platform for local business owners to spread the word about their services and connect with their community.

For this reason, Scorpion offers our customers exclusive access to powerful tools and capabilities on the platform through our Premier Partnership with Yelp. This level of partnership empowers local businesses—across all verticals—to increase their exposure and revenue generated on Yelp.

All Scorpion customers have access to Yelp tools that are not available to ordinary users, such as zip code targeting, day-parting, negative keywords, and other programs that take a hyper-focused and customized approach to ad delivery. Scorpion’s Yelp partnership also unlocks exclusive profile optimizations, dedicated agency support, and the most competitive pricing in the industry to ensure all campaigns run smoothly—and with maximum efficiency.

With tens of millions of users on Yelp, these capabilities will ensure that Scorpion’s customers can better engage with their local audiences and significantly grow their businesses on the site. The advantages of these partnership-enabled capabilities are confirmed through internal Scorpion data. For example,

  • For our clients, Cost Per Lead is on average 40% lower on Yelp than normal Search Engine Marketing channels.
  • Our exclusive benefits with Yelp allow us to track up to 50% more leads for our clients and offer free ad spend to those who qualify.
  • Scorpion’s other current home services clients are generally seeing a 5-15X return on ad spend.

“We’re committed to delivering exceptional tools that strengthen our customers’ position in their respective markets and ultimately benefit the communities they serve,” says Scorpion’s Chief Growth Officer, Jamie Adams. “Our strategic partnership with Yelp adds an important new layer to our product suite, enabling stronger consumer engagement and unique insights that help our local business customers connect with prospects and drive sales.”

To learn about the ways that Scorpion’s partnership with Yelp can help your business, please reach out to