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Motivated By a Love of Animals, One Scorpion Lends Her Support to The Kitty Cove

Woman Holding Cat
Jill Wilson

68% of Americans own a pet.

And for many, taking care of an animal is a simple act of love.

However, for others, it’s more than that.

It’s a societal responsibility.

And for Scorpion’s Content & Social Media Manager Nia Balbo, she firmly believed the latter.

So, when Nia Balbo was chosen as Scorpion’s December Employee of the Month (EOM) and given the opportunity to have the company donate to a charity of her choice, she didn’t have to think twice:

The Long Beach Humane Society’s “Kitty Cove."

Kitty Cove, based in Island Park, New York, rescues abandoned and abused cats and dogs, providing them with the shelter and care they need before helping them find loving families.

“Animal rescue has always been something close to my heart, and after seeing how dedicated the volunteers at The Long Beach Humane Society’s “Kitty Cove” are to finding forever homes for every single animal that comes through their doors, I can't think of an organization more deserving,” Nia said.

“They work extremely hard to provide every comfort possible for their rescues, even if it means paying for things like food and litter out of their own pockets. I hope this donation can help Kitty Cove keep the cats comfortable and take a little bit of stress off of the volunteers for a while.”

Scorpion allows an EoM to choose a charity for a donation every month, with the donations made possible by Scorpion Cares, the charitable giving division of Scorpion.

If you’d like to help support the Long Beach Humane Society, donate here.

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