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One Scorpion Employee Had His Mom in Mind When Supporting This Cause

Jill Wilson's Headshot Jill Wilson Vice President of Media Development and Public Relations

Parkinson’s disease can significantly lower a person’s quality of life.

As a long-term degenerative disorder that targets a person’s motor system, the disease’s symptoms begin slowly. First, the disease causes shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement, and difficulty walking. Then, it affects the mind, causing issues with a cognitive function where forgetfulness, depression, and anxiety become common occurrences.

Although we’ve publicly seen Parkinson’s disease impact the lives of athletesactors, and activists, it’s less common to see it affect someone we know and love

But for one Scorpion employee, Parkinson’s hit close to home—his mother had been battling the disease for years.

So, when Scorpion Content and Social Manager Brian Klocko was chosen as Scorpion’s March Employee of the Month (EoM) and given the opportunity to choose a charity to receive a donation from his company, the decision was instant.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

MJFF is a charitable organization founded by actor Michael J. Fox. When Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991, he was only 29. In 1998, he publicly disclosed his diagnosis and formally retired from acting to focus on research. Later that year, the MJFF was created with the singular purpose of finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

Brian says the foundation has been a complete game-changer for his mother and others like her:

“My mother has been living with Parkinson’s for over a decade now, but her strength and perseverance are greater than I ever thought was humanly possible. MJFF was a major reason that the life-changing surgery she received was even available for her. With nearly 90% of their contributions going to Parkinson’s research and awareness, they truly are making a difference.”

If you’d like to help support MJFF, you can donate here.

Scorpion’s EoM charity donations are a monthly occurrence that are made possible through Scorpion Cares, the company’s charitable giving division.

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One Scorpion Employee Had His Mom in Mind When Supporting This Cause
About the Author
Jill Wilson's Headshot Jill Wilson Vice President of Media Development and Public Relations

Jill Wilson is the Vice President of Development Media and Public Relations at Scorpion. She combines her passion for storytelling to tell the stories that make a brand or business idea truly compelling and unique. With a talent for video production, digital media, and public relations, she brings more than 15 years of experience bridging the gap between corporate brands and the customers they’re speaking to. Graduating from the University of Iowa, Jill enjoys her free time taking care of her son Kal, her husband Chad, and fangirling over Wonder Woman.

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