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Scorpion Employee Supports Coworker Battling Cancer

Jill Wilson's Headshot Jill Wilson Vice President of Media Development and Public Relations

What if someone handed you free you could use for a good cause?

That’s exactly what happens when Scorpion celebrates its Employee of the Month, by asking them to donate to a charity of their choice (on the company’s dime, of course).

But September was a unique month and here’s why…

The EOM winner, Devin Ko, didn’t donate to an organization like most Scorpion employees do…

He donated to an individual—Kathryn (“Kat”) Jones, his coworker.

When Devin learned Kat had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, he knew there was only one place the money could go—straight to Kat and her family.

“Kat is like a big sister to me,” Devin said. “She was someone who gave me a ton of advice about how to do my job, but also a ton of advice on how I should live my life. This news is devastating to a lot of us, but we're confident that she will overcome this. We love you, Kat!”

This not the first time Kat’s coworkers have compiled their resources to support her. Last year, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, members of the Scorpion family wore special “Think Pink” T-shirts to support Kat and other breast cancer survivors.

As a company that’s passionate about its employees, Scorpion is honored to support Kat in her time of need.

If you’d like to help Kat in her fight against cancer, donate here.

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Scorpion Employee Supports Coworker Battling Cancer
About the Author
Jill Wilson's Headshot Jill Wilson Vice President of Media Development and Public Relations

Jill Wilson is the Vice President of Development Media and Public Relations at Scorpion. She combines her passion for storytelling to tell the stories that make a brand or business idea truly compelling and unique. With a talent for video production, digital media, and public relations, she brings more than 15 years of experience bridging the gap between corporate brands and the customers they’re speaking to. Graduating from the University of Iowa, Jill enjoys her free time taking care of her son Kal, her husband Chad, and fangirling over Wonder Woman.

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