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Medical Paid
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Get more out of paid advertising for your medical practice with Scorpion. Our technology, expertise, and real-time tracking create unmatched transparency and maximize ROI.

What We Do

Helping Medical Practices Win with PPC & Paid Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is true to its name: it’s advertising where you pay for each click on your online ad. This offers numerous advantages and disadvantages, making it essential to work with experts in PPC not only for medical practices but for your specialty and focus. At Scorpion, our medical advertising professionals have the experience and technology to deliver better results while minimizing wasted time and money. Each medical PPC campaign is carefully crafted, monitored, and adjusted to maximize quality and, therefore, return on investment. Combined with search engine optimization (SEO), we keep your practice visible and relevant while you focus on what matters most: your patients.

Our Approach

PPC for Dentists, Doctors & Medical Practices

As a dentist, chiropractor, orthodontist, plastic surgeon, or doctor, you’ve received the education and training to become an expert in your specialty. You deserve to reap the benefits of advertising delivered by a team that frees you up to focus on your patients.

  • Data & ROI Driven

    Scorpion’s all-inclusive approach to PPC is focused on building ROI-driven campaigns that are continuously monitored, adjusted, and optimized for better results.

  • Transparent Reporting

    We offer complete transparency with an easy-to-use online dashboard and constant reporting that shows you precisely where your advertising budget is being spent.

  • Channel Diversification

    Take your advertising budget further through channel diversification. With this approach, we can continually adjust funds distribution for maximum performance.

Targeted Expertise

Experts in PPC &
Your Industry

Our Approach

Imagine having your own team of experts to manage your advertising campaigns. Imagine that they’re experts not only in PPC but in PPC as it applies to your field. That’s the experience we deliver at Scorpion. Our targeted expertise in advertising for dentists, orthodontists, veterinarians, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, and other medical practices gives us a definite edge in creating campaigns that actually deliver. We can refine our strategies and provide a level of detail and understanding that other medical marketing “experts” simply can’t. With Scorpion, you’ll get a partner who acts as an extension of your practice.

Automation & Machine Learning

Our Technology

At Scorpion, we’ve built industry-leading technology that brings automation and machine learning to medical advertising and PPC. Our systems constantly monitor and refine campaign performance, harnessing the power of over a decade’s worth of information about advertising campaigns, census data, web traffic, and more. We use this data to analyze and predict paid advertising trends and performance. It’s like having an advertising manager who never takes a break, who never makes a mistake, and who constantly works to deliver results that drive your practice to new heights.

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Maximize Your Advertising Efforts. With Simplified, Effective PPC.

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