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Premier Plastic Surgery Center

Premier Plastic Surgery Center provides patients throughout the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area with natural-looking plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Victor S. Ferrari has over 20 years of experience and has treated more than 10,000 patients. Dr. Ferrari partnered with Scorpion to revamp his website and improve his visibility online.

  • Client Industry Medical
  • Challenge Out-of-date site & low visibility in search results
  • Key Services Breast augmentation, lipo & tummy tucks

The Challenge

Modernizing the Website & Going Mobile-Friendly

Dr. Ferrari had been working with his previous Internet marketing company for about 3 years when he realized his current website needed an overhaul. His site was not ranking well for the keywords most closely related to his most common procedures. He also noticed that his website was starting to look “dated.” After doing some investigating, he uncovered the problem: the website was built using an outdated design format, which prevented it from being mobile-friendly and reaching its optimal organic ranking. This is when he turned to Scorpion for assistance.


The Solution

Design Overhaul

Scorpion redesigned the plastic surgery practice’s website using responsive design technology, which allows the site to adjust to on any screen size (making it mobile-friendly).

AdWord Campaign

Scorpion started running pay-per-click (PPC) ads to drive more search traffic to the website.

Detailed Lead Tracking

Scorpion started tracking calls made through the website to help the practice better track its online marketing performance.


The Outcome

Website Redesign Drives More Online Leads & Patient Consults
  • Increase in Monthly Email Contacts 310%
  • Consultation Waiting Time Due to Increased Demand 2x
  • Increase in Average Page Ranking 3-Page

It didn’t take long for Dr. Ferrari to notice the impact of his new website and paid search campaigns. With all the increased interest from prospective patients, his average wait time for consults has doubled—going from 2-3 weeks to about 4-6 weeks. Dr. Ferrari noted that he even started charging for consults, and the practice is still busier than before.

Premier Plastic Surgery Center has also seen a 310% increase in average monthly email contacts through the website. In addition to that, its website experienced a 3-page jump in its average organic ranking for its most critical search terms. Dr. Ferrari said what he loves most about working with Scorpion is the excellent customer support he receives from his marketing team.


Client Testimonial

“My personal Scorpion marketing manager, Tiffany, has been great about contacting me about issues that need to be addressed and has always updated my site immediately as needed. Other companies have charged me in the past for every additional thing they did, whereas with Scorpion, it’s included. It’s been very easy working with Scorpion.” Dr. Victor S. Ferrari - Premier Plastic Surgery Center

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