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Align Your Team Under One Goal

A business’s marketing playbook isn’t a secret that’s kept under lock and key. It’s a tool to be used to define the marketing strategy and identify the different avenues that will be used to meet those goals.

The point of the playbook is to be a comprehensive guide to unite all your teams under one roof. So that when you launch a marketing strategy, it’s kicked off with everyone understanding the role their team will play in meeting the company's goals.

Scorpion helps you define your long-term marketing goals in an strategic playbook that will keep your team organized and your business growing.

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Set The Standard For Workflow

A healthy playbook is a live playbook. One that continually evolves as data is gathered and pain points are discovered for each marketing strategy. Because, while a playbook may be first constructed using experience, industry best practices, and past information, a good playbook also is data-backed.

If your playbook isn’t customized, your business runs the risk of template temptation-where your playbook is designed based on a general template and not with your specific business goals in mind.

Scorpion marketing playbooks are customized plans from our team of experts to show you when and how to attract customers. We will work with you to develop the plan you are comfortable with, data-backed, and customized to fit your company's needs.

Optimize Your Marketing

Real growth starts with a great plan. To successfully implement that plan, you need to utilize all the tools at your disposal. When you adopt a marketing strategy, it can be easy to overlook crucial information, such as user persona, what kind of content you need, and how to optimize your platforms.

A marketing playbook keeps you organized, on track, and consistent across all the marketing boards.

After setting up the initial playbook, our Scorpion team will continually update and tweak your strategy to optimize every marketing tool. Utilizing all your marketing avenues means you’ll always be at the forefront of customers’ minds.

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How to Get Started with Marketing Playbook

How to Create a Marketing Playbook

The definition of an actual playbook is to help the team ‘visualize targets, understand the continuous improvement model, and know what is needed to achieve goals and be successful.’ While traditionally, playbooks have been used to organize sports team, a marketing playbook provides the same guideline goals with a hope to lead the team to business victory.

Your playbook should have at least seven sections (remember you can always add more or less, as long as it’s customized for YOUR plan). The first three sections should go over the goal of the marketing strategy in a brief overview. Include information about your target audience and their user persona, key messages about the strategy, and assets you want to utilize in the marketing strategy—such as social media channels, online material, and advertising efforts.

The next sections should pinpoint which teams are needed for execution and their responsibilities. Now is the time where project management layouts come into play. Unpack which type of project workflow will be used—such as scrum or the waterfall flow—and the timelines. This will provide clarity for the teams and their leaders.

The final section should provide a breakdown of what the communication focus will be. Go over what the content will look like, any specific messaging that needs to be used, social media scripts, replies (if specific verbiage is requested), and if a style guide is required.

Provide information about what kind of monitoring system you’ll use to capture data analytics, track KPIs, ongoing results, and who will be responsible for them.

What Can You Learn from a Marketing Playbook

Whether your business is still in the start-up phase or you’re a veteran in the consumer world, a marketing playbook can provide insight into the world of marketing communication and teach you a lot about how your business does with marketing.

If you look at the data following a marketing playbook period, you can learn valuable insight about your audience. Such as how they consume media-how they like to interact with your brand, how they communicate on different channels.

Your team also learns the value of setting objectives, evaluating them, and working with KPIs. Data analytics can seem like a scary word that’s best left to your accountants, but a marketing playbook can provide a digestible way to understand them.

What are the Different Playbooks that Businesses Use

A marketing playbook is one of the most common tools a business uses to build upon marketing efforts, but it can also be used in different scenarios. Remember, playbooks are all about customization. If you need to implement a plan for another department, take the sections outlined above and apply them to whatever playbook you need to put together.

Growth-focused businesses use: lead generation playbooks, lead management playbooks, sales development playbooks, new sales playbooks, customer success playbooks, company playbooks, and operations playbooks to name a few.

Remember, this is just a shortlist of different playbooks you can count on to keep your business running and growing. The most important thing is to utilize your playbook to gather information about the objective, break down how it will happen, and what the goal is. Invite your team to be a part of the huddle and watch your business grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Marketing Playbook?

    A marketing playbook from Scorpion will help your business to set up marketing strategies that you can continue to use to get customers for less time and money.

  • Why Do I Need a Marketing Playbook?

    A marketing playbook provides a comprehensive guide for your team so marketing efforts are executed as seamlessly as possible. Business growth is dependent on successful marketing strategies and it’s important to have your whole team on board.

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