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Where your customers land is where your business takes off. Scorpion helps you drive business from the very first click with landing pages that establish what your company is all about — and what it can do for your customers.

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A First Impression That Impresses

Ten seconds. That’s about as long as you have to impress the potential customer that comes across your landing page. In those mere seconds, you have to try and convince them to not only stay on your page, but decide you might be the solution they’re looking for.

Unfortunately, a company’s landing page is where potential customer relationships are lost. Whether it’s a lack of the right information, too much information, or a poor setup, it’s a landing page that often makes or break the sale.

It’s a lot of pressure, and you may not even know what you’re doing wrong. That’s why we’re here to help improve your landing page, so the first impression you make is the right one. Scorpion helps you build and maintain a landing page that customers are happy to find— and happy to return to.

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Showcase What  You’re All About

Your landing page shouldn’t be treated as just a map to show the customer where to click next. It needs to provide a brief and accurate story about what your business is, what it provides, and what problem you can solve for them.

However, it can get tricky because you don’t want to bog down your landing page with too much information. You need to perform market research to understand what pain points your customers have and how your product or service can solve them when introducing your business.

Scorpion provides user-friendly landing pages that convert customers on the spot by showing them what your brand is all about and what your business can offer them.

Easier Customer Experiences

For most customers, your landing page is their home base. It’s important to remember to keep it refreshed with the correct information and the latest offerings, so your customers are always up to date with the latest services and products for your business.

Ideally, your business has more than one landing page (remember they’re used to reach unique target audiences, so you want at least 10), and it can be difficult to update, keep track and change them all simultaneously.

Scorpion sets your customers — and you — up for success with templates that are easy to update, easy to use, and ready to keep up with your business needs through any transformation.

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How to Get Started with Creating Your Landing Pages

What is the Purpose of a Landing Page?

The purpose of a landing page is to give your target audience a place to land after they’ve clicked on one of your ads or a search result. Your landing page is where the majority of your lead captures will take place.

A high-performing landing page provides visitors with the information they were initially searching for and inspires them to stay on the page. And if all goes well, they respond to the call-to-action, provide you with their data, and ultimately buy the service or product featured on the page.

How to Set Up a Successful Landing Page

A successful landing page can be as creative as you want to make it, but all contain a few critical points and setups. First, you need to understand who you want to target with this landing page and what solution you want to provide. An internet provider may wish to showcase their satellite internet connection in a rural area that can’t get cable. Or a dental practice now offers orthodontic procedures to their local community. You can create your page when you know who you want to target and with what.

Best practices for landing pages mean you focus on one purpose and highlight it with short, concise text that conveys a sense of urgency. Your offer needs to be clear with the essential information above the fold. Your page needs to load quickly, so utilize only one image in the hero that helps illustrate your product or service. Make your call-to-action big and spottable. Provide social proof for your product or service so readers gain a sense of trust in you.

If applicable, provide a lead form where the customer will provide their contact information for more information from your team. Your landing page should only be one page and contain a header and a footer.

Overall, your page should provide simple scannable content showcased in a simple design. If your business has an established color scheme, logo, etc., these should be utilized on the page to build brand awareness.

How to Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO Traffic

Lead generation isn’t the only value your landing page can provide. You can also design your page so that it’s optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) traffic. When selecting your purpose, consult your SEO keyword strategies, and utilize those keywords in your copy.

If your landing page is also optimized for SEO, you’ll unlock the potential for more organic traffic and increase your page quality rating. Essentially a high page quality rating means your page achieves the purpose it’s been given and is identifiable by search engine algorithms.

By focusing on your target keyword and keeping your copy concise, search engines will quickly understand your content’s structure and provide your page as a search result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a landing page?

    A landing page is a web page that a customer lands on after clicking on an ad or search engine result page. Each particular landing page is created to address what the user is looking for and inspire them to buy the product or service it’s highlighting.

  • Why do I need to create landing pages?

    Landing pages are your business’s way to lead your target audience to a particular service or product that could interest them. Because they’re so targeted, landing pages deliver conversions and generate leads for your business to utilize in the future.

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