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Data analytics is the fuel behind your business growth. Without data, you have to make a lot of guesswork with your strategies and whether or not they’re working. With data, you can understand your web traffic, how your marketing efforts are doing, and whether or not you’re reaching your target audience.

That type of information is invaluable to business owners but only if you understand what you’re looking at. Some tools may provide the numbers about how your business is doing, but without any insight into what you’re looking at, it can be difficult to know how to act.

With Scorpion, you don’t need an expert analyst to find your next great strategy. Our data strategy gives you an understanding of everything that is happening with your business so making decisions has never been easier.

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Thanks to the availability of consumer data, business owners have insight into future predictions and customer actions. It can give you insight into where your target audience goes to find new products or services, showcase where your business is lacking so evolvement is effective, and save you time and money with forecasting.

Having an understanding of your particular market gives you an edge on how you can advertise and grow your business, but it’s all about how you go about doing just that.

Data strategy with Scorpion means you get the metrics you need to track right at your fingertips. Whether you’re paying attention to your website traffic, advertising performance, or sales leads, our team helps you make smart decisions, quicker.

Get Broader Market Intelligence

Imagine you had an army of secret shoppers cruising around your business website to find out what customers think about your products or services. That’s similar to what data analytics tells you. You can see where people go on your website, how long they stick around, and how many come each day.

Data also lets you know how you’re doing when it comes to general public opinion, competition, and feedback from previous customers. That kind of information helps your business flourish because you know exactly what to do to be better. And that’s just the beginning with data.

Without overly-complex analytics, you can understand your customers and your industry so you can make the right decisions. Scorpion helps you monitor your field so you can put your business in the best position for both today and tomorrow.

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How to Get Started with Data Strategy Optimization

How to Build a Data Strategy

Data gives you access to real-time customer analytics so your business can make smarter, more calculated decisions when it comes to growth.

Remember you have the ability to gather a lot of different kinds of data so you need to decide now what the goals of your data strategy should be. Defining what you want to accomplish with your data mining will help determine which kind of data you need.

An example goal would be something like identifying which channels drive the most conversions and funnel more advertising their way. Data can provide information such as sales numbers, traffic amount, and how long website visitors last on each page.

Part of your strategy is turning that data into actionable efforts in the form of recommendations called data visualizations. It helps break down the nitty-gritty into digestible information. Create a roadmap that your team can follow to meet the goals that you’ve set forth in your data strategy.

Which Data Analytics Can Help Your Business Grow

Small businesses can look at a lot of different types of data to fuel marketings efforts. Some types of data will stem directly from marketing, while others provide insight into customer experience and outside factors. Finally, you’ll want to go over your own business data to set goals and make decisions.

Marketing data includes analytics that presents the numbers for avenues such as advertising results: email marketing reports, for example, brand presence: website analytics, and customer engagement with social media analytics.

Customer data goes over what may affect your revenue growth or product/service receptacle such as sales trends, new trends, current customer data, and prospective customer data. Business data includes inventory tracking, industry surveys, and competitor data. All can provide a roadmap of how to react with your next strategy.

How Data Analytics Improves Your Marketing Strategy

Data can be considered the past, present, and future of your marketing efforts. Similar to Charles Dicken’s famous ghosts, data is what is going to determine the life of your business. The information you gather should provide a roadmap of where you need to focus in marketing.

Remember to set goals and determine ahead of time what you want to do with your data, what kind of data you’d like to gather, and who is going to be responsible for carrying out those goals.

Data helps you target your audience, identify trends in the population, provide competitor analysis, tracks results, and help solidify decision-making. Without data, it’s the blind leading the blind so utilize it as much as you can to grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is data strategy?

    There is no point in spending time or money on a website and online advertising if you aren’t using the data from it to make other decisions. A data strategy will help you to know what numbers to track, how often to look at them, and what areas you should spend more time and money on.

  • Why do I need data strategy?

    A solid data strategy will help you track only the numbers that will actually grow your business. Creating a plan and having dashboards to show you data will save you time and money.

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