The Best Communication Tools For Your Law Firm

Scorpion technology connects you with your clients and employees with all the tools you need in one place. From online scheduling and live chat to team messaging, we have you covered so you can grow your legal practice.

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Fast & Reliable  Client Communications

Your clients want options when it comes to working with you. They want it to be as simple as possible to schedule an appointment or get answers to a question.

With Scorpion’s communication tools, your clients get the speed and experience they want from your law firm.

"The ROI, the quality of the calls, the quality of the leads, the customer service...everything you’ve done has exceeded my expectations."

Sekou Clarke The Sekou Clarke Law Group

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Live Chat & Texting  For Your Clients

With live chat and texting, your clients can get a hold of you instantly. This helps ensure a positive client experience and also links to your other technology for customer relationship management, scheduling, and other client tools.

With Scorpion, you get the best in live chat and texting technology. Send appointment reminders, answer questions, and use automated options to help save you time.

The Best Online Scheduling For Your Clients

Online scheduling is a great service to provide to your clients so they have confidence knowing they are working with the best law firm. It is also a great way to automate scheduling appointments without the need to hire another person.

Scorpion online scheduling technology provides a quick easy way for your clients to schedule time with your company. It also integrates directly with your website and mobile app for ease of use.

Email Marketing To  Gain Client Loyalty

One of the best ways to inspire client loyalty is to keep in touch with them. Having email marketing to share a newsletter, a note on their birthday, or updates to the law can help you stay connected with clients.

Scorpion technology and our team will set up email marketing that will inspire confidence and loyalty from your customers. Our easy-to-use system is designed to match your brand and website to provide a great experience with results you can trust.

"I wouldn’t be where I am today without Scorpion’s help. Their customer service is exceptional. My marketing team stays on top of the latest digital marketing trends. And I always get an immediate response. This is what keeps me on board with Scorpion."

Ashkan Yekrangi Yekrangi & Associates

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Do I Need Communications Technology?

    When someone is looking for your law firm or a current client has an issue, they want to get a hold of you in as many ways as possible. Communication technology can help automate communication with tools like live chat, online scheduling, texting, and email marketing to keep your clients satisfied. These tools can also link to your customer relationship management software for future reference and help make using your business a smooth process.

  • What is Communications Technology?

    Communications technology helps you connect frequently with your clients without the need for extra employees. Providing tools like live chat, online scheduling, email marketing, and team messaging can help ensure your business is running smoothly. Your clients will thank you when you invest time and money into communications technology.

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