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NACDL's Only Digital Marketing Company Affinity Partner

What You Get

Exclusive Offer for NACDL Members

Thanks for visiting us! As the only marketing agency with a team that specializes in criminal defense, Scorpion became an Affinity Partner of the NACDL. We're proud to be the only digital marketing company approved by the organization.

As part of our partnership, you get:

  • A free market analysis to understand how to take advantage of opportunities in your local market.
  • A consultation to help guide you on what's possible.
  • $500 in digital advertising paid for by Scorpion when you sign up.
  • To know a group of passionate, driven people who are always here for you.

We understand the needs of criminal defense firms. We have helped countless firms break revenue goals, target specific case types, and create a respected brand in their market. Whatever your goals, we want to help you reach them.


NACDL Members

"When you start your own firm, you’re making a bet on yourself as an attorney—working with Scorpion will help you make sure that bet is the smartest one you’ve ever made. It’s been surreal to see the amount of real money Scorpion has brought to my firm, never mind the money I’m still owed...there’s no question I have positive ROI."- Dustyn Coontz, Coontz Law, Founder

"I wanted people calling me on the phone prepared to pay me $10,000 to $20,000 [for a case] rather than ten $2,000 cases. I wanted to handle more of the really serious cases and continue to establish my reputation as a trial attorney. So that’s one big difference [with Scorpion]—we’ve been getting a lot more of the bigger stuff."- Mark Hammer, The Hammer Law Firm, Founder


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Depending on your needs, we will determine the most effective
way to allocate your budget and reach your goals.

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