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Podcast Recap: How to Create a Reputation That Brings Your Family Law Firm More Clients

Enrique “Fig” Figueroa's Headshot Enrique “Fig” Figueroa Senior Director of Advertising Strategy

How do you get more people to remember and instantly trust your family law firm?

According to Michelle May O’Neil of O’Neil Wysocki Family Law in Dallas, Texas, you have to put yourself out there and really show people what you know.

In the latest episode of our podcast, The Family Law Show presented by Scorpion, we spoke with Michelle about what has helped her become known as a leading family law attorney in not just the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but also all of Texas and the United States.

Michelle says there’s not just one thing that does the trick — she uses a variety of marketing strategies (both online and offline) that allows her to stay visible to prospective clients and build their confidence in her firm. However, Michelle did share a tactic that she said is critical to building a reputation that new clients can really get behind, and that’s the practice of sharing your knowledge and positioning yourself as a thought leader.

For Michelle, that revelation came to her in 2008 during the Great Recession. While most other attorneys were scrambling to figure out how to bring more clients through the door, Michelle found a winning solution. Through blogging, she was able to reach her target audience directly and prove her value to them again and again until they were ready to hire her.

To learn more about Michelle’s journey to building a leading reputation, as well as her advice for getting through challenging times like COVID-19, watch this episode of our podcast:

About the Author
Enrique “Fig” Figueroa's Headshot Enrique “Fig” Figueroa Senior Director of Advertising Strategy

Enrique “Fig” Figueroa is a Senior Director of Advertising Strategy at Scorpion and brings over a decade of experience in search advertising, sales, and client marketing in the legal industry. He is driven every day to embody the highest standards that Scorpion represents by providing best-in-class customer service and creative advertising solutions to help clients achieve their marketing goals. Prior to joining Scorpion, Fig worked in the entertainment industry and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from CSUN in Cinema and Television Arts. He is also an accomplished stage actor and has appeared in over 10 theatrical performances. In his spare time, he enjoys doing CrossFit, traveling, watching new movies and television shows, listening to music obsessively, playing golf, and spending time with his wife, Kate, and daughter, Lena.

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