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Will Divorce Rates Increase as a Result of COVID-19? What Family Law Attorneys Should Know

Kate Figueroa's Headshot Kate Figueroa Vice President of Family Law Marketing

With 21 states enforcing stay-at-home orders by the end of this week, more than 50% of the US population is spending significantly more time at home these days. A lot more time. And while many people will embrace this unprecedented amount of time spent with family, for others, this will lead to more arguments, more conflicts within the home, and ultimately, more divorces.

We've already been hearing about the number of divorce filings in China increasing once the country started easing its quarantine requirements. A quick Google search for “are divorces on the rise?” returns numerous results for articles that all speculate that we’ll see a surge in divorce filings here in the US once this is all over. And in countries like the UK, attorneys are already reporting a spike in inquiries from people looking to get divorced since the lockdown went into effect.

So, the questions become “Will the divorce rates rise in the US?” and “How can family law firms start preparing for that now?”

While we’re not sure when life as we once knew it will return to normal, there are several things family law attorneys should be doing to not only win the attention and business of potential clients that are out there right now, but also to help their firms come out of this pandemic stronger than their competition.

But first, let’s review the facts.

Consumer interest is strong as people continue searching

When reviewing divorce and family law search trends and activity of our own family law clients from March 15th–22nd, our data shows a lot of promise for family law attorneys in the US. Here’s what we’re seeing in a nutshell:

  • Impression share for family law is still around 75-80%.
    • Impression share is the percentage of views a firm’s ads have received out of the total views that were possible.
  • Conversion rates are still strong at about 20%.
    • The conversion rate is the percentage of people who came to the website from a paid advertising campaign that then contacted the firm by means of a phone call, contact form, or online chat.
  • Click-through rates are up 14%.
    • Click-through rate refers to the percentage of people who clicked on an ad after viewing it.
  • Cost per visitor is down.
    • Cost per visitor is the amount of money the firm has paid for every visitor to its website who came from a paid advertising campaign.
  • Family law searches were on par with March 15th-22nd of 2019.

The data shows that interest in divorce and family law is still there, and if the US follows what other countries are experiencing, then attorneys should expect an increase in leads and new clients once the chaos over COVID-19 settles.

In the meantime, as a family law attorney, there are actions you should be taking now to ensure your practice comes out of this pandemic on top...

Here’s how to make sure your firm is prepared

  • Try to maintain as much of your firm’s advertising as you can. Ensure your practice is appearing at the top of the search results page when people are looking for a family law attorney in your local area. With competition dropping out over fears of the unknown, the cost per click is cheaper than ever before.
  • Invest in social media and advertising that focuses on building your firm’s brand, as the amount of time people are spending online has increased significantly.
  • Offer video conferencing for all consultations and meetings with both new and existing clients. We live in the digital age, and products like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts have quickly risen in popularity since people have been forced to stay home.
  • Find ways to provide value and service to your existing clients. Be available. Over-communicate. This helps to build trust both now and in the future.
  • Find ways to provide value to potential new clients, such as answering questions on your blog or posting informative videos on social media. The videos should be on topics that would be helpful to anyone who could potentially be facing a divorce or family law issue, whether that is now or in the future.
  • Reach out to local news outlets about being featured as an expert on divorce and family law matters during COVID-19. Unless you’re contacting a major media outlet, most reporters and producers are pretty receptive to proactive outreach.

At Scorpion, we’re here to serve as a resource to help you better serve your clients and protect your practice during these challenging times. For more helpful COVID-19 guidance, continue checking our resource page for newly added content, or contact us directly if you have any questions.

About the Author
Kate Figueroa's Headshot Kate Figueroa Vice President of Family Law Marketing

Kate Figueroa is the Vice President of Family Law Marketing at Scorpion. With a background in client service, search engine optimization and paid search advertising, Kate has spent the last 12 years at Scorpion helping law firms throughout the country grow their business and revenue through smart and strategic digital advertising campaigns. Today, she spearheads the Family Law Marketing vertical at Scorpion, and is passionate about formulating strategies and solutions that result in measurable, long-term success for her clients. Outside of the office, Kate loves spending time with her husband (who also works at Scorpion) and daughter Lena. She also enjoys jigsaw puzzles, wine, HGTV and traveling.

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