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Podcast: How Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Build Partnerships They Believe In

Kelly Carpenter's Headshot Kelly Carpenter Director of Internet Marketing

For criminal defense attorneys, trust is an extremely valuable thing. It determines whether a client chooses to hire you, decides who other attorneys refer cases to, affects a jury’s perception of you... in nearly every relationship, attorneys must try to establish mutual trust.

And perhaps in no relationship is mutual trust more important than the one between a law firm and its marketing partner. In the first episode of our brand-new podcast, the Criminal Defense Show presented by Scorpion, Victor Revill, a criminal defense attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, joins us to discuss his experiences in finding a trustworthy marketing partner for his business. In the episode, he discusses his past efforts to grow his firm using a variety of marketing methods, each to little success. However, when he found Scorpion, he finally found someone that was willing and able to pull their weight in the partnership. Victor goes on to discuss how he moved past the empty promises former marketing companies gave him, and how the mutual trust he feels with Scorpion enables him to bring in more of the types of cases he’s looking for.

Get Victor’s insights on finding a reliable marketing partner and building strong relationships with clients, as well as his advice for fellow criminal defense attorneys struggling during the pandemic, by listening to the debut episode of the Criminal Defense Show below:


About the Author
Kelly Carpenter's Headshot Kelly Carpenter Director of Internet Marketing

Focused on helping criminal defense firms solve their marketing challenges, Kelly has been at Scorpion since 2008 and has grown alongside our company — becoming an expert over time in client marketing, project management, and content development. Her background in English makes her one of the strongest communicators in our organization, and she’s well-known among clients and coworkers alike for her warm personality and light-hearted sense of humor. What she loves most about her job is providing people with a positive experience while they grow their businesses. Outside of work, Kelly is a health and wellness junkie, dog mom, and wife of country music artist, Cort Carpenter.

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