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Family Law

Podcast: How a Great Partner Lets You Spend Less Time on Marketing and More with Your Clients

Enrique “Fig” Figueroa's Headshot Enrique “Fig” Figueroa Senior Director of Advertising Strategy

If there's any group of people that knows the cost of choosing the wrong partner, it’s family law firms. And that’s why finding a marketing partner is a much more important process than most attorneys realize. In the premiere episode of the Family Law Show presented by Scorpion, one of Chicago’s most prominent divorce lawyers, Jonathan Merel, joins us to discuss his experiences while starting his own practice and trying to find a marketing partner that could get him the results he was looking for.

In the episode, Jonathan shares a story about all of the factors that come with the transition between working for a law firm and starting your own practice. He told us that the most important lesson he learned was just how much time he needed to dedicate to building out his marketing plan, which led to another realization. If he spent as much time as he should on growing his business, he would end up lacking in other areas — most importantly, client service.

But that’s when he found Scorpion. With a fully capable, dedicated team on his side, Jonathan could devote as much time to his clients as they deserved while knowing that there’s a team of experts focused on reaching his long-term goals. From his mission as a family law attorney to advice for other lawyers who want to start their own firms, listen to the full episode below to get in on a fantastic conversation with an attorney anybody could learn from.

About the Author
Enrique “Fig” Figueroa's Headshot Enrique “Fig” Figueroa Senior Director of Advertising Strategy

Enrique “Fig” Figueroa is a Senior Director of Advertising Strategy at Scorpion and brings over a decade of experience in search advertising, sales, and client marketing in the legal industry. He is driven every day to embody the highest standards that Scorpion represents by providing best-in-class customer service and creative advertising solutions to help clients achieve their marketing goals. Prior to joining Scorpion, Fig worked in the entertainment industry and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from CSUN in Cinema and Television Arts. He is also an accomplished stage actor and has appeared in over 10 theatrical performances. In his spare time, he enjoys doing CrossFit, traveling, watching new movies and television shows, listening to music obsessively, playing golf, and spending time with his wife, Kate, and daughter, Lena.

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